Tip of the Week

Coming Soon: Enhanced CTAC Makes Managing Ticketing Authority Easy

This April, ARC is launching an enhanced Carrier Ticketing Authority Center (CTAC), which will streamline and expedite the agency ticketing authorization process for carriers. This enhancement involves increasing the distribution frequency of the revocation/reinstatement file to GDSs to every hour, instead of its current time frame of once every twenty-four hours. Additionally, ARC will limit ticketing functionality (i.e., manual void and refund entries) in IAR for agents that have their ticketing revoked. Lastly, several of our GDSs partners have agreed to restrict agents' ability to book inventory in the event their ticketing has been revoked.

If you have any questions, please contact ARC's Carrier Help Desk at 855-816-8007 (toll free), 703-816-8007 (toll), or chd@arccorp.com.