Tip of the Week

ARC Administrator Re-designation Form Now Behind My ARC

Know where to find the MY ARC or DRS Re-designation Form? If not, we have made it easily accessible behind My ARC, under the Resources tab. This form is used to re-designate your organization's Administrator for ARC products and services (ARC Tools) such as My ARC and Document Retrieval Service (DRS).

Simply fill in the applicable sections and have an authorized individual sign the document before sending it to the Carrier Help Desk for processing via fax or email. Confirmation of the re-designation will be sent to your organization's authorized location. The re-designated Administrator will have the capability to perform all administrative functions relating to your organization's use of the applicable ARC Tools.

If you have any questions about how to complete the Re-designation Form, please contact ARC's Carrier Help Desk at 855-816-8007 (toll free), 703-816-8007 (toll), or chd@arccorp.com.