Tip of the Week

Entering a Penalty in IAR

If you forgot to include a penalty fee or change fee when you have issued an exchange or refund in your GDS, you should manually enter the penalty amount in the "Admin/Penalty" field in Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR). This field appears on both the Exchange Support screen and the Refund Details screen.

Any change fee or penalty fee that is applicable in a GDS-issued exchange or refund is sent to ARC with a tax code of "CP." IAR recognizes this “CP” code as a Cancellation Penalty/Reissue Fee and will automatically move the associated amount to the “Admin/Penalty” field. Although CP is a valid code when received from a GDS, IAR will not allow the manual entry of CP as a tax code. Any attempt to manually enter CP as a tax code in IAR will result in an error displayed as, "ERROR – Invalid Tax Code." The taxes that appear on or are entered on the Exchange Support and Refund Details screens should only include the unused values from the original sale.

Please use only the “Admin/Penalty” field in IAR when you need to manually enter a penalty that was not included at the time of exchange or refund in your GDS.