Tip of the Week

Using the IAR Exchange Adjustment Field

On the Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) Exchange Summary screen, the Adjustment field is an IAR-only shortcut that can be used to either increase or decrease the value of an exchange in your sales report.

For example, when an old document is exchanged for a new document of lesser value and the airline does not allow the difference to be refunded back to the customer or transferred to an Miscellaneous Charge Order (MCO), you may enter the difference in the Adjustment field to create an even exchange.

Any amount entered in the Adjustment field has the same effect as changing the penalty amount. Using the Adjustment field will:

  • Save you the step of moving back to the Exchange Support screen to change the Admin/Penalty field.
  • When the exchange is reported to the carrier, the Adjustment and Admin/Penalty fields are combined to create a single penalty amount.