Travel Agent Communications

PED 11/27/2016

New! IAR List Print/Save Option

Agencies with multiple locations have often asked for the ability to view the sales report financial details of each location in a single output. To achieve this goal, a Print/Save button has been added to the Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) LF-Financial Detail list type on IAR Home.

Selecting the Print/Save button on the LF-Financial Detail display gives agencies the option to create a report output that lists the individual sales report financial details for each of their locations. The Print/Save option on the LF-Financial Detail list type works just as it does for the LS-Financial Summary and LC-List Counts list types on the IAR home page.

The current LF-Financial Detail screen will continue to display the sales report financial details in a vertical view for a single location or a summarized total of all locations under a Home Office Location (HOL) or a branch host. Only the output delivered via the Print/Save button will produce a list of sales report financial details for multiple locations in a horizontal view in either a spreadsheet or text format.

To produce the output, follow these steps on the IAR home page:

  1. Select the LF-Financial Detail option from the List Type drop-down box.
  2. Enter ALL in the ARC# field and the specific PED date (i.e. 20NOV16) in the PED field.
  3. Select either: Save List in Spreadsheet Format or Save List in Text Format option and then, press the PRINT/SAVE button.
  4. A download pop-up will appear prompting you to either “Open” or “Save” the resulting file. 

The LF-Financial Detail output will follow the standard hierarchy for agency family relationships associated with the active IAR user:

  • Standard (Default view) – ability to view that location plus all subordinate branches and STP locations
  • Home Office Location (HOL) – ability to view just the HOL or the HOL plus all of its branches and STP locations                 
  • Branch – ability to view just that branch location or that location plus all of that branch’s STP locations
  • Satellite Ticket Printer (STP) – ability to view only that STP location
  • Access Groups – ability to view agency-created ARC Number Access Groups of locations outside of the standard default view (ability to view only specific locations chosen by an IAR Administrator)  

The resulting output will display the financial details for the selected locations in a horizontal list under the following column headers:

  • ARC#
  • Status
  • PED
  • Cash Sales
  • Cash Refunds
  • Net Adjustments
  • AAD
  • Net Cash
  • Credit Sales
  • Credit Refunds
  • Net Credit
  • Total Fares
  • Total Taxes
  • Total Penalties
  • Total Exchange Adjustments
  • Total Sales
  • Net Cash
  • Total Commission
  • Net Remittance


Tip of the Week: Where Can I Find the ESAC in IAR?

The Electronic Settlement Authorization Code (ESAC) is displayed in Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) when it is received from the GDS or obtained via EDIFACT messaging performed directly in IAR. Here is where you can find the ESAC for each transaction type:


  • Displayed on the Financial Detail page of the voided e-ticket
  • Use the “Void ESAC” box on the IAR Sales Report list to display a record of voided e-tickets and their ESAC


  • Displayed on the Refund Details screen of the refunded e-ticket


  • Displayed on the Exchange Support screen of the new exchanged e-ticket