Travel Agent Communications

PED 10/30/2016

New! Change to Daily IAR Maintenance Schedule

You now have two extra hours of daily access to the Interactive Agent Reporting (IAR) system. This change to the standard IAR daily maintenance schedule was made possible by moving the late evening shutdown from 1 a.m. ET to 3 a.m. ET.
IAR must be taken offline to perform routine system maintenance and to load incoming data to agency sales reports. We have been able to improve this maintenance process to allow your continued use of IAR until 3 a.m. ET. For the first time in IAR history, West Coast-based agents will have access to IAR until midnight local time. Of course, this change also benefits agencies that hold later business hours or have offshore support teams. 
Here are some things that are not changing with the new IAR daily maintenance schedule:

  1. IAR morning system start time remains at 7 a.m. ET.
  2. IAR void and modification windows for e-ticket sales remain by midnight ET the next business day following the sale.
  3. IAR refund cancel (void) window for e-ticket refunds performed in IAR remains by midnight ET the day of the refund (applicable for refunds issued on carriers supporting refund cancel functionality).
  4. IAR weekly sales report submission deadline remains at 11:59 p.m. ET on the Tuesday following the close of the report period (or on Wednesday if Monday or Tuesday is an ARC-recognized holiday).

Please note that there will be exceptions to this later IAR maintenance window when non-standard system maintenance is required. In those instances, IAR will be taken offline at 1 a.m. ET.

Notification of any scheduled maintenance that impacts IAR availability is scheduled and communicated via the ARC Status Dashboard. The ARC Status Dashboard is available at all times, even in the unlikely event that all ARC systems are down. You can view the current status of ARC tools, as well as any upcoming planned maintenance, any active incidents and the resolution of incidents. You can also sign up to receive advance email notification of upcoming ARC scheduled system maintenance and real time email alerts when ARC's systems encounter unexpected delays or outages.

To register for these notifications, select Subscribe to Alerts from the ARC Status Dashboard home page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and to select the services for which you would like to receive email alert notifications. You may also subscribe to alerts directly by clicking here.
ARC is constantly seeking ways to improve your experience with our products and tools. It is our hope that this latest enhancement provides a benefit to you.

Tip of the Week: How Does a Carrier Provide an ESAC?

When an agent performs an e-ticket or Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) void, refund or exchange entry in their GDS, the GDS uses a process called EDIFACT messaging to communicate with the carrier’s e-ticket database to generate the Electronic Settlement Authorization Code (ESAC).
The GDS sends a real-time message to the ticketing carrier requesting permission to void, refund or exchange the e-ticket or EMD. The carrier then checks the coupon status of the requested document in their database. If the requested ticket coupons have a status of “Open” (with "Not Used,” “Void,” “Refund,” “Exchange” or some other status listed), the carrier changes the “Open” status to “Close,” and returns a confirmation message back to the GDS along with an ESAC. If the e-ticket or EMD action request cannot be made, the carrier denies the request and sends a rejection response, which is communicated back to the agent.
When an e-ticket or EMD is voided or refunded directly in IAR, ARC also uses this same EDIFACT messaging process to communicate with most carriers. ARC’s Carrier Ticket Matrix shows which carriers support IAR e-ticket and EMD voids and refunds. Click here for the ticket matrix.