Travel Agent Communications

PED 08/14/2016

APG Airlines Joins ARC

APG Airlines (GP/275) will join ARC as a participating carrier effective with sales on August 15, 2016 (PED 08/21/16).

With headquarters in Paris, France, APG Airlines operates scheduled flights between Nice, France, and Bergamo, Italy, as well as chartered flights around the French Riviera. APG Airlines' flights are operated on a seven seater BE 200 bi-turboprop, offering a VIP service with French style.

APG Airlines has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of APG Airlines. APG Airlines will accept cash as a valid form of payment, but will add credit card acceptance in the near future.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, please contact the offices listed below:

APG Airlines
66 ave des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France

Phone: (33)1-53-77-13-25

CityJet Now Accepts Visa and MasterCard

Effective with sales issued Monday, August 15, 2016 (PED 08/21/16), CityJet (689/WX) will begin accepting Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment through ARC.

Tip of the Week: Need to Understand the Status of a Memo in Memo Manager?

Every memo in ARC's Memo Manager has two associated statuses: a primary status and a secondary status. The primary status is either: open, closed, or inactive. The secondary status provides further details on why the memo is in this status. Any transaction or action on the memo has the potential to change its status.  To find the different memo statuses followed by a brief description, please click here.