Travel Agent Communications

PED 07/03/2016

Southern Airways Express and Sun Air Express Announce Name and Carrier Code Changes

Due to recent acquisition activities, the following name and carrier code changes (two-digit carrier code only) will be implemented effective immediately:

  • Sun Air Express (504/6G) will operate as Southern Airways Express (504/9X).
  • Executive Express Aviation d/b/a Southern Airways Express (677/9X) will operate as Executive Express Aviation (677/6G).

Please note that refunds will continue to be processed as usual, plus agents will have the ability to exchange unused 677/9X coupons for new 504/9X tickets.

2016 Quarterly Transaction Fees – 2nd Quarter

This is a reminder about the agent/CTD transaction fee that is assessed on a quarterly basis. ARC imposed a new tiered quarterly transaction fee structure in 2016. See the chart below outlining this tiered fee structure. Note: agencies with less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed transaction fees. A separate debit representing this fee will be drawn against your ARC designated bank account on or after July 21, 2016. Only one draft will be issued for consolidated drafting agents.


Number of transactions per quarter

Price per transaction

Tier 1

1,000–2,249,999 M


Tier 2

2.25 M–5.999 M


Tier 3

6 M or more


Quarterly Subscription Fee: Travel Agency Service Fees (TASF)

Just a reminder that the $25.99 quarterly subscription fee (2nd quarter of 2016, PEDs 04/03/2016 through 06/26/2016) for travel agency service fees will be debited from your designated ARC account on or after Thursday, July 14, 2016.

Only locations that issued a TASF in the quarter will be charged the fee. If your agency is signed up for TASF but remained inactive during the quarter, there will be no quarterly fee charged. 

TravelConnect 2016 Agenda

TravelConnect offers the rare and exciting convergence of all of the travel industry's players—in one room, at one time. With inspiring keynotes, educational breakouts and lots—and lots—of networking, you'll be exposed to informative and enlightening content that will help you transform your business.

Join us October 6–7 in Washington, D.C. to hear about leading drivers of change in air travel distribution, learn about current fraud schemes and how to better protect yourself from them, discover how different organizations are using ARC data to drive business decisions and more!

See the latest agenda and register for TravelConnect 2016 today!

Tip of the Week: Printing Your Sales Summary

Did you know that you can print a copy of your sales summary from any computer with internet access and a printer?

Log in to My ARC and in the Tool Box on the left, click the Internet Sales Summary tool.

1. Click on View listed under the last three PEDs or last 24 months column for the ACN# report desired.

  • To view the last 3 PEDs:
    • On the left, click Current RPTS - Last 3 PEDs.
    • In the ACN# field, enter your ARC number.
    • Click OK.
  • To view the last 24 months:
    • On the left, select Quarter.
    • In the ACN# field, enter your ARC number.
    • Click OK.

2. Open the sales report that you are searching for by clicking on the line that displays the PED. The PED is displayed in the following format: (YY)/(MM)/(DD). 

3. Click on the printer icon (print report) in the upper left corner.