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PED 05/31/2015

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Changes to ARC MarketPlace - Coming Summer 2015

If you are an avid ARC MarketPlace user you will notice some changes to the website this summer. The redesigned site will have an updated homepage; tours, activities, shore excursions, car rentals, hotels, and passport and visa services pages; and resource pages, including, commissions, about ARC and ARC MarketPlace, and the Affiliate Program. Additionally, there will be new features, including city pages that contain top tours and information about the most popular tourism cities worldwide and the ARC MarketPlace Blog—a space for you to find flash sales and announcements.

While there will be many new changes to ARC MarketPlace, you will still be able to book commissionable products from the same trusted suppliers for your clients, just as you always have in the past. However, there will be an improved search function allowing you to find more tours, activities and shore excursions that you may not have found before.

Look for further details on the upcoming ARC MarketPlace enhancements at and through email notifications from the ARC MarketPlace team.

Tip of the Week: Don't Lose Out on Your ARC MarketPlace Commissions!

Don't forget to access ARC Memo Manager located behind My ARC weekly to view any pending credit memos related to your ARC MarketPlace commissions. You may also check for pending debit memos assigned to your agency for resolution. All memos may be settled through your weekly IAR report. Visit the ARC Memo Manager page for more information.