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PED 12/07/2014

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ARC Ticket Resolution Service Compensatory Fee Change

Effective January 1, 2015, the compensatory fee currently charged for Ticket Resolution Services (TRS) tickets will change. The current $43 flat fee per ticket will transition to include a 15-calendar-day grace period where the compensatory fee is $0. If the ticket is not resolved by the start of the 15th day, the fee will increase to $55.

ARC believes that a significant portion of these transactions will be resolved within a two-week period from the time the transaction appears in ARC Memo Manager prior to ARC taking any action.

For more details on this change, please click here.

Final Deletion of Mesa Airlines from ARC

Mesa Airlines (YV/533) will complete final deletion from ARC effective Monday, December 15, 2014 (PED 12/21/14). Please submit any outstanding Mesa (YV/533) transactions prior to December 15, 2014 (PED 12/21/14).

For additional information regarding Mesa Airlines transactions, please contact:

Ms. Emy Efondo-Smith

Etihad Airways Now Accepts Diners Club Intl

Effective with sales issued on Monday, December 8, 2014 (PED 12/14/14), Etihad Airways (607/EY) will begin accepting Diners Club Intl as a form of payment through ARC.

Chargeback Policies Series: American Express

Stay on the look out for important information regarding credit card chargeback policies in this four week series from TASF.

American Express – Inquiries vs. Chargebacks

As a general rule, American Express will issue an Inquiry (Retrieval) asking for supporting documentation from the merchant prior to issuing a chargeback. This gives you approximately two weeks to respond to the inquiry. If no response is received, the inquiry will then be closed as a “No Reply” chargeback, and American Express will not accept any supporting documentation at that point. To have a “No Reply” chargeback reversed, the cardholder will be required to contact American Express directly and withdraw the dispute.

As of October 2013, American Express Chargeback Policy has been modified. If you receive a chargeback and supporting documentation was initially provided during the “Retrieval” period, you can now disagree with the chargeback and present additional supporting documentation for reversal consideration.

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