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PED 11/09/2014

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Counterfeit Credit Card Scheme

Recently, there have been three separate incidents in which a customer has walked into travel agencies in the northeastern region of the United States and purchased tickets using counterfeit credit cards. In each incident, the customer requested tickets for travel between Boston or New York and Santo Domingo. In some cases, the agency obtained an imprint of the card or made a copy of the card along with a driver's license.

Be on the lookout for credit cards or a driver's license that includes misspellings on the front or back of the credit card or identification. The best way to protect against this type of fraud is to look carefully at the documentation for red flags. If you are uncomfortable with the transaction, don't accept it. If you want to move forward with the transaction, be sure to obtain an approval code through the GDS and an imprint of the card on a UCCF with a signature.

For additional information about managing risk review "Section 6: Credit Card Acceptance Procedures, Credit Card Chargeback Policy and Risk Management Best Practices" in the ARC Industry Agents' Handbook or on the ARC fraud prevention web page:

If you suspect such a scheme and want assistance to assess the risk, contact ARC's fraud prevention team at 855-358-0393 or via email at

UPDATE: Discontinuing Manual Tickets, PTAs and Tour Orders

As published in the August 17, 2014, Travel Agent Communication, the Manual 4-Flight Passenger Ticket, the manual and automated versions of the Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA) and the Automated Tour Order are being discontinued. The on-hand warehouse supply of the Manual Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA) is now exhausted and ARC is unable to fulfill any further PTA document orders. The remaining on-hand warehouse supply of Manual 4-flight Passenger Ticket stock is limited. Remember to not order more stock than can be used before the end of this year. The final sales report in which a new sale on a handwritten 4-Flight Passenger Ticket or a Manual PTA may be submitted is PED 01/04/15.

The final sales report in which a new sale of an Automated PTA or Automated Tour Order may be submitted is PED 01/18/15. Only the Sabre GDS has supported travel agency issuance of these two automated document types, both of which are printed on ATB (Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass) stock. Sabre has confirmed that issuance of these documents will be withdrawn on January 17, 2015.

ARC will continue to process refunds of these settled documents up to 13 months after the original issue date. Exchanges of 4-flight tickets and automated Tour Orders will also be supported for up to 13 months after the original issue date (PTA documents are not eligible for use in an exchange transaction).

If you encounter any situation where a transaction cannot be issued without use of a manual ticket, PTA or Tour Order, please contact the ticketing carrier for assistance and carrier specific instructions. 

While the above ticket types are being declared obsolete, ARC continues to support the issuance and settlement of paper ATB tickets, including the Automated MCO (Miscellaneous Charges Order).

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