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PED 09/07/2014

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Memo Manager Update

Recently ARC implemented changes to ARC Memo Manager. The emphasis of this release was to add functionality for our GDS customers to enable them to be more active participants in the memo resolution process. These changes were identified during our work with the Debit Memo Working Group. This group, which is comprised of agents, carriers and GDSs, is focused on reducing debit memos. Changes in this release included:

  • Adding a GDS ticketing policy link to the Memo Details screen
  • Restricting the assignment of a memo to one GDS at a time
  • Adding GDS as a new entity type in the Administration module
  • Adding the GDS “granted access date” as a search option in the Edit Search function (This will allow a customer to perform a search on the date a GDS was granted access to a memo.)

Additional updates include:

  • Restricting the ability to search and retrieve closed memos over 39 months in age
  • Consolidating and modifying the labels on email options in the Administration module

As always, feel free to contact our Customer Care Center representatives with any questions. Agents can call 855-816-8003 or email Carriers can call 855-816-8007 or email


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  • Best practices for data privacy and information protection
  • How mobile technology has redefined the traveler's journey
  • The various fraud schemes targeting the travel industry and best practices for fraud prevention

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