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PED 08/31/2014

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Important Labor Day Holiday Information

In observance of Labor Day, please note the following schedule changes:

Sales Report Submissions Extended
Agencies will have an extra day to submit the sales report for PED 08/31/14. The weekly sales report must be authorized by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 3.

Ticket Modification/Voiding Schedule
Please note the following extension dates to modify and reconcile IAR transactions issued Friday, August 29 through Sunday, August 31. The GDS/IAR void extension date is Tuesday,
September 2.

Customer Care Center Hours
Monday, Sept. 1 : Closed
Tuesday, Sept. 2: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 3 : 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

*All times shown are Eastern.

Fraud Prevention Tip: Spotting Fake/Photoshopped Credit Cards

If you receive credit cards via fax or email, carefully study the front and back of the credit card for errors. Zoom in on your computer to better read the fine print.

Fraud Prevention Tip: Spotting Fake/Photoshopped Credit Cards

Here are some tips for spotting fake credit cards:

  • Enlarge each of the copies you receive via email, and examine the areas of each document looking for changes in fonts, uneven alignment of data, misspelled words, etc.
  • Check for a signature. Do not accept unsigned credit cards!
  • The signature box may have been altered if there are white areas or erasures in the box.
  • Check for fuzzy copies or if the only things not fuzzy are the entries (i.e., embossed credit card number, date of expiration).
  • Is required information missing or wrong (e.g., magnetic stripe appears below the signature box, expiration date is missing, signatures or CVV codes are missing)?

Don't be fooled by fraudulent cards! If you have any questions concerning a card, contact ARC's fraud prevention team at or 703-816-8137.

Tip of the Week: DOS – Are You Waiting for Your Ticket Stock Order?

Are you waiting on UPS delivery of your ticket stock or related travel documents? If your order has shipped, there will a UPS tracking number for your package that is viewable in ARC's Document Ordering System (DOS). By accessing your order in DOS and clicking on the tracking number, you will see the delivery status and a listing of the delivery points through which the package has passed, as well as its current location.

Note: DOS orders are only shipped to the address on file with ARC. If an address change has taken place, it must be reported to ARC in order for DOS packages to be delivered to the new address.

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