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PED 08/03/2014

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In the fast-paced travel industry, people need a place to meet, share, talk and collaborate. This year, TravelConnect will be that gathering place. As an attendee, you'll hear from experts across the industry as well as from our very own ARC executives on topics, including:

  • How NDC is changing the landscape of the retail travel distribution channel
  • What current efforts are being made to reduce the number of debit memos in our industry
  • Best practices for data privacy and information protection
  • How mobile technology has redefined the traveler's journey
  • The various fraud schemes targeting the travel industry and best practices for fraud prevention

For all this and more, join us October 30-31 in Washington, D.C., for ARC's first-ever customer conference designed to engage, inform and inspire the airline and travel agency communities.

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Tip of the Week: Memo Manager Partial Payments

When making a partial payment in ARC Memo Manager (AMM), please follow the steps below:

  • From the AMM Memo Summary page, click on the memo number link to navigate to the Memo Details page.
  • Click the Pay button at the top of the Memo Details page. The IAR Payment window will display, providing the current memo balance in the Payment Amount text box.
  • To make a partial payment, enter an amount in the Payment Amount text box that is less than the current memo balance.
  • If you want to send a message to the carrier about the payment you are submitting, type your message in the Comments text box.
  • Submit your payment by clicking the Submit button. The memo will be sent to your IAR sales report.
  • The memo will remain in Payment Pending status until the report is submitted and settled in IAR.

If the remaining balance from the memo needs to be cleared, you can contact the carrier.

ARC Customer Care Center | Tel. (703) 816-8003 | Fax (703) 816-8039 |

ARC Corporate Communications | Tel. (703) 816-8525 | Fax (703) 816-8168 |