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PED 06/01/2014

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Jetairfly Joins ARC

Jetairfly (TB/612) joins ARC as a participating carrier, effective with sales on Tuesday, June 3, 2013 (PED 06/08/14), with the only service from Brussels, Belgium, to Miami, Florida, twice weekly (Monday and Saturday), April 5 through October 26, 2014.

TUI Airlines Belgium N.V. d/b/a "Jetairfly" is part of TUI Travel PLC, the largest tourism group in the world, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Jetairfly operates a modern 21 aircraft fleet, including Belgium's first Boeing 787 "Dreamliner," plus New Generation Boeing 737-700s and 800s, Boeing 767s as well as Embraer E190s—from Brussels Airport, Oostende, Charleroi and Liege.

Jetairfly, with more than 900 staff has a network of 168 routes to 107 destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Africa and the United States. Destinations include Miami (U.S.), Nice (France), Algiers (Algeria), Athens (Greece), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Mombasa (Kenya).

Jetairfly has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointments whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Jetairfly. Jetairfly is available in Sabre and will appear in Amadeus, Worldspan and Apollo soon.

At this time, cash is the only acceptable form of payment, but the carrier plans to accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express at a later date.

For inquires, reservations or sales information, please contact:

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2523
New York, New York 10170

Air Astana Now Accepts UATP

Effective with sales issued on Monday, June 2, 2014 (PED 06/08/14), Air Astana (465/KC) will begin accepting UATP as a form of payment through ARC.

Tip of the Week: IAR Can Link a Residual Value MCO to Its Exchange Transaction

Since 2003, IAR has been able to systematically link a GDS-issued residual value Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) to its associated exchange transaction in the sales report. A residual value exchange happens when the issuing carrier allows the non-refundable difference between a new ticket and a higher priced, older ticket to be transferred to an MCO. IAR's "MCO auto-linking" feature reduces the manual effort required to identify and link residual value MCOs to their associated exchanges and reduces the number of IAR exchange errors.

In order for IAR to perform the automated link, you must:

  1. Issue the new ticket exchange in your GDS.
  2. On the same day the exchange is issued, issue the MCO in your GDS with the following information:
    1. List the new exchange document number in the 'ISSUED IN CONNECTION WITH' field of the MCO.
    2. Enter either the word 'RESIDUAL' or 'FUTURE' (as in Residual Value or Future Air Transportation) into the 'TYPE OF SERVICE' or 'VALID FOR' field on the MCO.

When you follow these steps, IAR will know to link the MCO to the exchange you have indicated. When you don't follow these steps, you will need to manually link the MCO to the exchange set yourself. If the MCO is not linked to the new exchange transaction before submitting your report, your customer will be charged for the value of the MCO instead of having a credit for future travel.

For more information on exchanges in IAR, please refer to Exchanging Transactions in the Sales Report in Section 5.18 of the Industry Agents' Handbook.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at 855-816-8003 or We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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