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PED 04/27/2014

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ARC's Fraud Prevention Team: Did you know?

ARC's Fraud Prevention team actively helps travel agents identify and prevent fraud. Over recent years, the industry has seen the prevalence of various schemes, including:

  1. Unauthorized/Stolen Ticket Schemes – Fraudsters obtain GDS login credentials, usually through spear-phishing emails and issue airline tickets for immediate departures.
  2. Corporate/Education Schemes – Fraudsters pose as legitimate corporations or educational institutions to develop a relationship and perpetrate credit card fraud.
  3. Independent Contractor Schemes – Fraudsters pose as independent contractors and develop a relationship with an agency.

How does ARC tie schemes together to build a case? First, ARC uses the COMPASS™ data warehouse to do predictive analytics and link analysis to identify possible fraud schemes. As a result of this analysis, ARC is able to link cases together, usually by region, passenger name and/or compromised credit cards. In addition, ARC uses key information obtained from travel agents, including phishing emails, social engineering tactics, spoofing emails, IP addresses, telephone numbers and domain names used by the fraudster(s). By linking the incidents identified by travel agents, ARC attempts to tie several small cases together to create one big case. With one unified case, ARC is the liaison between the travel industry and law enforcement to present information that could lead to an investigation, arrest, trial and, ultimately, conviction.

How can you help? Don't dismiss your loss as too insignificant to report. Report the incident and the facts to ARC so that your loss can be included in the case to law enforcement. In one recent case, an independent consultant, who targeted several agents, was convicted, sentenced to five years and ordered to pay over $500,000 in restitution.

If you have experienced such types of fraud, please contact ARC's fraud prevention team any time at 855-358-0393 or

Tip of the Week: Forgot Your MyARC Password?

Forgot your MyARC password? Use the self-service password reset feature. On the MyARC login, click “Forgot?” or on the MyARC login screen, click "Reset a Forgotten Password."

For password:

  1. Enter your MyARC username and email address, and click "Log In."
  2. Answer the three security questions that you previously created, and click "Continue."
  3. Enter a new password and confirm it, and then click "Submit."
  4. Log into MyARC with your username and new password.

If you forget your username, simply enter your email address associated with the account. If a record exists for this account, an email will be sent to the corresponding email address on record with further instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at 855-816-8003 or We are more than happy to help!

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