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PED 10/06/2013

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Lao Airlines Joins ARC

Lao Airlines (QV/627) has joined ARC as a participating carrier effective Monday, October 7 (PED October 13, 2013).

Lao Airlines was established and started operations in September 1976 as Lao Aviation. Lao Airlines is the fastest growing state owned company in the country, operating 7 domestic points and 11 international destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Singapore and South Korea. Lao Airlines utilizes a modern fleet of 14 aircraft - 4 Airbus A320's, 4 ATR72-500's, 2 ATR-600's, and 4 MA600's.

Lao Airlines has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment, whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agent of Lao Airlines unless specifically advised to the contrary by the carrier. At this time, Lao Airlines accepts cash as the only form of payment through ARC.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, please contact:

Lao Airlines
ARC Agent's Support Office
(201) 484-8036

2013 Quarterly Transaction Fees - Third Quarter

This is a reminder about the agent/CTD transaction fee that is assessed on a quarterly basis. In 2013, the quarterly fee is set at $.016 per transaction. An agency reporting an aggregate of less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed a transaction fee. The maximum number of transactions for which an agency can be charged in a quarter is 2.25 million transactions (per entity). A separate debit representing this fee will be drawn against your ARC designated bank account on or after October 24. Only one draft will be issued for consolidated drafting agents.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

Quarterly Subscription Fee: Travel Agency Service Fees - Third Quarter

Just a reminder that the $23.99 quarterly subscription fee (third quarter of 2013, PEDs July 7, 2013 through September 29, 2013) for travel agency service fees will be debited from your designated ARC account on or after Thursday, October 17.

Only locations that issued a travel agency service fee in the quarter will be charged the fee. If your agency is signed up for the travel agency service fee service but remained inactive during the quarter, there will be no quarterly fee charged.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

Tip of the Week: My ARC Security Questions

When you need to complete a My ARC password reset, consider updating your security questions at the same time. By updating your security questions, you will help make your password more secure.

To access your security questions:

  • Go to the My ARC home page.
  • The section above the tool list is labeled Your Profile. Click on the Details link to the right of Profile.
  • The security questions will be the third item on the list on the Profile Details page.
  • You may change the security questions at any time if you believe your information has been compromised. The security question answers are space- and punctuation-sensitive but not case-sensitive.

Please note that in order to change your security questions, you must change all three at the same time and the three answers must be different. This is a requirement of password integrity protocol.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or We'd be more than happy to assist you.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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