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PED 06/30/2013

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Independence Day Holiday Information

Sales Report Submission
ARC's offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4
, in observation of Independence Day. This will have no impact on the sales report submission deadlines.

Ticket Void Schedule
Please note that the GDS void date/IAR reconciliation date for transactions issued Wednesday, July 3 is Friday, July 5.

Placing Emergency Document Requisitions Orders Before Independence Day Holiday
In observance of Independence Day, ARC, RR Donnelley warehouse and UPS will be closed Thursday, July 4. To ensure that your emergency order is received before Monday, July 8, your order should be placed in advance of the 4:00 pm cut-off on Tuesday, July 2.

Independence Day Holiday Customer Care Center Hours
Wednesday, July 3: 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern
Thursday, July 4: Closed
Friday, July 5: 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

InselAir Aruba Joins ARC

InselAir Aruba (8I/778) will join ARC effective with sales on July 1 (PED July 7, 2013). InselAir Aruba is headquartered in Aruba offering flights throughout the Caribbean, North America, and South America through its hub at Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA), which offers immigration and customs pre-clearance to destinations in the United States.

InselAir Aruba operates MD-80 aircraft in a single cabin configuration and offers Comfort Class premium economy seating (Z-class) with additional legroom, higher baggage allowances and premium on-board services.

InselAir Aruba has elected the General Concurrence of agent appointment, whereby all ARC accredited agents are appointed as agents of InselAir Aruba. In the next few weeks, InselAir Aruba will add Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club, Discover and American Express as forms of payment (in addition to cash).

Inquiries, reservations and sales information:

InselAir Aruba
Wayaca 31A
Oranjestad, Aruba

The Updated ARA is Here

The July 1, 2013 implementation of the updated Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA) is here! While there are many changes taking place, we would like to remind you about the modification of the sales report draft/credit window. The draft/credit window will be decreasing from 10 days to five days after the PED, moving the draft/credit day from a Wednesday to a Friday. Because your internal processes may need to be adjusted as a result of this change, we strongly urge you to adjust as needed to prepare operationally.

Note that the implementation of the adjusted draft/credit window will result in two draft/credit days in one week - July 10 and 12, 2013. This will only occur once in conjunction with the updated ARA, as the modification to the draft/credit window takes place for the first time.

Should you have any questions about the modification to the draft/credit window or any of the amendments to the ARA, please feel free to contact us at (855) 816-8003 or If you would like to learn more about the ARA updates, please join us for one of our upcoming ARA webinars. You may obtain additional details about the ARA updates on our dedicated ARA resource page.

Independence Day Fraud Alert

Fraudsters may be active the weekend before and the weekend after Independence Day, so be on the lookout for these new phishing emails leading up to holiday:

  • "Maintenance Activity Notification" from your GDS with a new level of security
  • "Your Booking Confirmation" from GOGO Vacations
  • "Delta Reservation Itinerary"

All the emails instruct the reader to click on the link and "login" to your GDS either to confirm your credentials or to check on your client's booking. In all three examples, the link is a replica of your GDS login screen.

Never click or enter login IDs or passwords through an email!

Directly ask employees and independent contractors if they "confirmed" their login IDs or logged into their GDS believing that the email was authentic. If they did, have them immediately change their GDS passwords and contact your GDS for any further instructions they may have for you.

Carefully monitor your booking and ticketing during this holiday week and weekend. If you find unauthorized stolen tickets, immediately attempt to void the tickets through the GDS and contact them for further instructions.

Examples of phishing emails and other valuable information can be found in the Fraud Prevention section on My ARC. Contact ARC's Fraud Prevention team for additional important information at or (855) 358-0393. If you believe you have received a phishing email, please forward the email to with the subject: Possible Phishing Email.

Please circulate these fraud alerts to everyone who has access to your GDS account.

2013 Quarterly Transaction Fees - Second Quarter

This is a reminder about the agent/CTD transaction fee that is assessed on a quarterly basis. In 2013, the quarterly fee is set at $.016 per transaction. An agency reporting an aggregate of less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed a transaction fee. The maximum number of transactions for which an agency can be charged in a quarter is 2.25 million transactions (per entity). A separate debit representing this fee will be drawn against your ARC designated bank account on or after July 25. Only one draft will be issued for consolidated drafting agents.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

Quarterly Subscription Fee: Travel Agency Service Fees

Just a reminder that the $23.99 quarterly subscription fee (second quarter of 2013, PEDs April 7 through June 30, 2013) for travel agency service fees will be debited from your designated ARC account on or after Thursday, July 18.

Only locations that issued a travel agency service fee in the quarter will be charged the fee. If your agency is signed up for the travel agency service fee service but remained inactive during the quarter, there will be no quarterly fee charged.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

Tip of the Week: Unable to Submit an Inaccessible Sales Report?

Are you having trouble authorizing and submitting your weekly sales report due to an "Inaccessible Sales Report" error message? This is the result of a minor system glitch and there is a simple solution.

  • Exit IAR by clicking on the Close IAR link in the upper right corner of the IAR sales report screen.
  • The system will then ask you if you would like to close the browser. Click Yes.
  • IAR is a pop-up screen, so when you close that particular browser, My ARC should still be open in its own window.
  • From the My ARC homepage, select IAR from your toolbox.
  • Open your sales report and authorize the submission.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or We'd be more than happy to help you with this situation.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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