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PED 06/09/2013

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New Phishing Email - Not from Delta Airlines!

The fraudster is back and again sending phishing emails! This time, the email appears to be from Delta Airlines - with the subject "Delta Reservation Itinerary." The email entices readers to click on a link to obtain reservation information. Once this link is clicked, a page disguised as a GDS sign-in or login appears. Do not click the link or login to a GDS via email.

An example of the new phishing email can be found on ARC's Fraud Prevention pages. Note that you must be logged in to My ARC to view the information.

Please forward this information to all your GDS users and ask if they have received such an email. Ask them if they clicked on any of the links and entered their GDS login IDs and passwords. If so, advise them to change their passwords and contact your GDS for additional instructions.

Although ARC doesn't post every phishing email to its website, we encourage you to frequently check the Fraud Prevention pages on My ARC for new alerts, examples of phishing emails, and other important fraud prevention information. If you believe you have received a phishing email, please forward it to with the subject "Possible phishing email."

Building a Better Accreditation Tool

To build upon and improve the Accreditation Tool, we're happy to announce the launch of the next tool implementation on June 20, 2013. This exciting new development will feature:

  • The new Associate Branch request
  • The Traditional Branch request
  • The Ticket Fulfillment Location (TFL) request
  • An additional filter to report or query your request by sub-type
  • Removal of the ticket reserve stock and ticket access request, since these are no longer required

Please note there is a new mailing address if you're using the Accreditation Tool and paying by check. This address is displayed if you select "check" prior to submitting your request. The new address is P.O. Box 418541, Boston, MA, 02241-8541.

To make this the best possible tool for you, our valued customer, we're always happy to receive feedback and ideas. Please provide your feedback here.

Tip of the Week: Memo Manager - Disputing Memos

To dispute a debit memo in Memo Manager, go to the Dispute section of the Memo Details page. Then open the memo and click the "Dispute" button found on the grey bar at the top of the page.

Please note: Do not enter your dispute in the Memo Manager Correspondence section. Such entries will not be treated as disputes, and this can delay the resolution of your memo. Memo Manager Correspondence only sends messages to other entities (e.g., Carrier, GDS, or internal colleagues). You must use the Dispute section to process your memo.

For detailed information, please refer to the Dispute section in Memo Manager's Online Help System or User Guide.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or We'd be more than happy to assist you.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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