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PED 09/23/2012

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LAN Message for ARC Agents

LAN Airlines requests ARC agents to view an important message on their website regarding travel agency ticketing in the U.S. market.

Read the message here.

Penair No Longer Accepts American Express

Effective as of September 24 (PED September 30, 2012), Penair (339/KS) will no longer accept American Express as a form of payment through ARC.

Tip of the Week: Refunding Unused Electronic Tickets in IAR

Industry resolutions require any refund of a fully unused e-ticket to be processed as a full refund. It is not possible to refund only some segments or coupons of an e-ticket that has not been traveled.

In order to issue a partial refund of an e-ticket, at least one segment must have been used. For partial refunds that you enter into your IAR sales report, you will need to key the unused base fare and any unused taxes and tax codes. This is because IAR receives base fare value and tax breakout information by document total, not by individual coupon.

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