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PED 09/16/2012

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United Airlines Discontinues Processing of CO/005 Transactions

Effective Monday, October 1 (PED October 7, 2012), the processing of all CO/005 validated transactions, including refunds, will be discontinued in IAR. After this time, CO/005 validated transactions should be handled directly through United Airlines.

For more information, please visit

China Airlines to Support IAR E-Ticket Refunds

E-ticket refund EDIFACT messaging will be activated for China Airlines (CI/297) on Thursday, September 27 (PED September 30, 2012). Once this change occurs, refunds manually entered into IAR will automatically update any open coupons directly with China Airlines.

  • For refunds issued in your GDS, be sure to use the proper GDS commands so that the refund automatically loads to IAR overnight. Please contact your GDS regarding specific refund formats or commands.
  • For e-ticket refunds manually entered into IAR, the coupon status of that e-ticket number must be open on the validating carrier's e-ticket database, or the carrier will not accept the refund request coming from IAR.
  • For a complete list of carriers supporting IAR e-ticket voids, e-ticket refunds, and e-ticket cancel refunds, please refer to the Carrier E-Ticket Matrix.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or

Important Message Regarding Unembossed Credit Cards

Credit card company rules require a valid authorization/approval code, cardholder signature, and card imprint (in instances where a card's magnetic stripe cannot be read and processed by an electronic point-of-sale terminal) to avoid financial liability for a chargeback where the cardholder alleges fraud.

Unembossed credit cards, designed primarily for use at electronic point-of-sale terminals or for non-face-to-face transaction (Internet, phone), lack the raised numbers, letters, and symbols required for a card imprint. Travel agents who accept these cards should be aware that the transaction could be fraudulent before accepting the transaction, since there is no way to obtain the necessary documentation for support in the event of a fraud chargeback. Travel agents who are unwilling to take that risk should request another form of payment. Customers who have questions or concerns regarding an unembossed credit card should be directed to contact the financial institution that issued the card. The issuer's telephone number is generally listed on the back of the card.

ARC offers additional credit card fraud prevention resources, including a Guide to Credit Card Acceptance and Chargebacks and a Credit Card Red Flag Guide, available online on our fraud prevention page using your My ARC login.

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Tip of the Week: IAR Out of Period (Roll Over) Errors

IAR allows a Sales Report to be authorized even when an error is present. Once the submission deadline has passed, a transaction with a status of E (Error) automatically moves (rolls) to the next open Sales Report. Such transactions are then designated with a dual status of OE (Out of Period and Error) to distinguish them from error transactions appearing in IAR for the first time. A transaction with a status of OE must be corrected the same way as any error transaction with a status code of E. Any OE transaction should be resolved as soon as possible. After the error is corrected, the transaction will have a single status of O (Out of Period). If the transaction cannot be corrected, it should be voided and reported directly to the carrier. Note: carriers may issue a debit memo for any transaction not reported in the sales period in which it was issued.

Once a report is authorized, any existing error cannot be corrected until it moves to the next open sales report. In such cases, if the sales reporting deadline has not passed, the authorization for that sales report may be reversed which allows the error to be corrected. The report will need to be authorized again before the sales reporting deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Center at (855) 816-8003 or We'd be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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