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PED 05/13/2012

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American Airlines Message to ARC Travel Agents

The debtors were authorized by the bankruptcy court to honor, and have continued to honor their obligations related to travel agency agreements. However, if you believe you have an unpaid claim related to a travel agency agreement or any other claim against the debtors that arose before Nov. 29, 2011, you may obtain additional information about the procedures for filing a proof of claim at or by contacting the debtors' claims agent, GCG, Inc., at (888) 285-9438 (toll free) or (440) 389-7498 (international toll) or by email at

The deadline for filing proofs of claim against the debtors is July 16, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern). If you have a claim against the debtors but fail to file a proof of claim before the deadline, you will lose your right to assert your claim and will not receive any distribution on your claim.

New Visa and MasterCard Voice Authorization Service

The voice authorization service is available in the event that an agent is unable to obtain authorization via their GDS at the time of ticketing. As part of our attempt to offer more risk management tools to our participating travel agents, the new voice authorization service will have additional functionality, including the ability to verify the address of the cardholder and the card security code on the signature panel of a Visa or MasterCard. These tools provide additional information to help validate the identity of the cardholder and assess the risk associated with the transaction. Please note that the use of these fraud management tools does not provide protection in the event of a credit card chargeback.

The following details the process and the options for using the Visa and MasterCard voice authorization service. Follow these steps as directed and enter pound (#) following each step:

  • Enter merchant number. The merchant number is 890 followed by the three-digit ticketing carrier code (ex: British Airways key is 890125).
  • Select the transaction type:
    1. Request an authorization.
    2. Request and authorization with AVS. (Enter numeric portion of address as prompted.)
    3. Request an authorization with CSV.
    4. Request an authorization with AVS (enter numeric portion of address as prompted) and CSV.
    5. Request AVS only. (Enter numeric portion of address as prompted.)
    6. Obtain additional information about an account.
    7. Request the card issuing bank phone number.
  • Enter credit card number.
  • Enter card expiration date (MMYY).
  • Press one (1) if the card is present. Press two (2) if the card is not present
  • Enter transaction amount with dollars and cents (ex: $525.65 = 52565).

Effective Tuesday, May 15, the current voice authorization number will be replaced with a new number, (888) 706-1526.

Tip of the Week: Granting IAR Tool Access to a My ARC User ID

Because a My ARC user's IAR access will initially default to "view only," the IAR Administrator must log into IAR and assign the user ID a User Role and User Group.

To do this, the Administrator can follow these steps in IAR:

  • Click on the Administration tab and select the user profile to edit.
  • Select a User Role from the dropdown menu.
  • Select a User Group from the Available Groups column and move it to the Selected Groups column (with the ">" button).
  • Click Submit.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Customer Care Center at (703) 816-8003 or

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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