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PED 02/26/2012

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Boutique Air, Welcome to ARC!

We are pleased to announce that Boutique Air (4B/184) has joined ARC as a participating carrier effective with sales on Monday, Feb. 27 (PED March 4, 2012).

With headquarters in San Francisco, Boutique Air operates domestic scheduled flights on Cessna commuter aircraft. The airline currently serves the West Coast, offering service between Redding (RDD), Eugene (EUG), and Arcata (ACV), but more city pairs will be announced later this year, along with the addition of Pilatus aircraft.

As Boutique Air has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment, all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Boutique Air. The airline will accept cash as the only form of payment.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information:

Boutique Air
340 Pine Street, Suite 503
San Francisco, CA 94104
Reservations: +1 415.449.0505

United Airlines Integration Reminder

Don't forget!

  • Continental Airlines (s-CO/005) validated sale and exchange transactions will be inhibited effective March 3, 2012!
  • Continental Airlines (s-CO/005) validated refund and memo transactions will continue to be processed as usual until September 2012.

For questions or assistance, please contact the United Airlines Travel Agency Information Center (TAIC): (after March 3)

Malev Hungarian Airlines No Longer Accepting American Express

We recently announced the cessation of Malev Hungarian Airlines (182/MA). Effective with sales on Monday, Feb. 27 (PED March 4, 2012), Malev Hungarian Airlines will no longer accept American Express as a form of payment through ARC.

Tip of the Week: Paying Carrier Memos in Memo Manager

Need to know how to properly pay a memo for a carrier participating in Memo Manager?

  • Locate Memo Manager in your list of tools in My ARC. If you don't have access to Memo Manager, contact your My ARC Primary Administrator.
  • Once you've logged in to Memo Manager, find the memo number and view the details.
  • Click the "Pay" button when you are ready. Memo Manager automatically routes your memo into your IAR report for processing in the current week.

We strongly discourage entering memos manually into IAR for participating carriers, as they prefer to have memos paid via Memo Manager to ensure accuracy. This is also the proper channel to receive credit from participating carriers.

Note: When entering a memo manually into IAR, a pop-up box will display requesting the ARC number. You must enter the ARC number under for which the memo was issued, as this will ensure the memo is processed and its status properly updated.

Should you need assistance, please contact the Customer Care Center at +1 703.816.8003 or We will be more than happy to help!

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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