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PED 01/08/2012

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Correction Notice

As you may have noticed, we erroneously repeated an entry from last week's TAC and assigned it a headline for a message to appear this week (TRIP Linhas Aereas announces e-ticketing via Worldspan). Please see the revised TAC below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your continued patience as we refine our TAC messaging system.

2012 Annual Agency Location and Quarterly Transaction Fees

Annual Location Fees

We would like to remind you that the 2012 annual agent/CTD location fee of $195 will be collected for each of your office locations via electronic draft from your designated bank account on or after January 19, 2012. It will appear on your bank statement as ARC Core Participation Fee. A separate draft of $195 will be issued for each active agency and STP location of record as of January 8, 2012. For consolidated drafting agents, only one draft will be assessed for all of your ARC approved locations.

Quarterly Transaction Fees

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the quarterly agent/CTD transaction fee was set at $.017 per transaction. Agencies reporting an aggregate of less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed transaction fees. The maximum number of transactions for which an agency can be charged in a quarter is 2.25 million transactions (per entity). A separate debit for this fee will be drawn on or after January 19, 2012, against your ARC designated bank account. Only one draft will be assessed for consolidated drafting agents.

Please note that there will be no change in the quarterly transaction fee structure for 2012.

Click here to see a complete summary of the 2012 Agency Fees.

IATA Ticket Tax Box Service Inflation Adjustments 2012 ZP/US - (Segment Tax and International Arrival/Departure Tax)

The Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS) has been advised by Airlines for America (A4A) that the IRS has released Rev. Proc. 2011-52, which includes the 2012 inflation adjustments to the U.S. air transportation excise taxes.

Click here to read the full document.

For tickets sold beginning January 1, 2012:

  • The segment fee (ZP) increases to $3.80 from $3.70.
  • The international arrival/departure tax (US) increases to $16.70 from $16.30.
  • The reduced international arrival/departure tax (US) for domestic flights that begin or end in Alaska or Hawaii increases to $8.40 from $8.20.
  • All other conditions remain unchanged.

Please note that TTBS will consider this update applied by all members (except where airline specific amounts already exist), unless advised otherwise in writing. TTBS will then update its system accordingly and disseminate the information to all its Top Premium Daily subscribers. In addition, it is recommended that subscribers advise their interline partners and/or GDS suppliers accordingly.

TRIP Linhas Aereas Announces E-ticketing via Worldspan

TRIP Linhas Aereas (T4) announces e-ticketing via Worldspan. For more information, please contact:

TRIP Linhas Aereas
ARC Agents' Support Office
Telephone: (201) 484-8036

What did you just call me?

For some time now, ARC has been working on a more concise way to refer to our ticket reporting agencies. In the past, we've referred to you as "fully-accredited", "ticketing agents", and "ticketing appointed agencies", while we've had much simpler, descriptive acronyms for our VTCs and CTDs.

Therefore, you'll begin to see more and more reference to who we're calling our TRAs... that's you! It stands for Ticket Reporting Agency. We hope this will provide more clarity and less confusion when it comes to our communications.

We do rely heavily on your feedback, so by all means, tell us what you think!

Tip of the Week - Financial Guarantee Instruments

Did you know there are three options for the financial guarantee instrument, required of all fully accredited ARC agencies

A bond, irrevocable letter of credit and ARC security cash deposit are all acceptable surety instruments. Bonds and letters of credit need to be renewed on an annual basis; the cash deposit never needs to be renewed. For more information about all three financial guarantee options and the related applications, you can easily refer to the accreditation forms catalog here. You'll want to reference Forms 300-309 - Bond, Letter of Credit and Cash Security Deposit Information once you get there.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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