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PED 07/17/2011

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2011 Quarterly Transaction Fees - 2nd Quarter

This is a reminder that the agent/CTD transaction fee is assessed on a quarterly basis. In 2011, the quarterly fee is set at $.017 (1 and 7/10ths of a cent) per transaction. Agencies reporting an aggregate of less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed transaction fees. The maximum number of transactions for which an agency can be charged in a quarter is 2.25 million transactions per entity. A separate debit representing this fee will be drawn on or after July 21, 2011, against your ARC designated bank account. Only one draft will be issued for consolidated drafting agents.

Arkia Israeli Airlines Joins ARC

Arkia Israeli Airlines (238/IZ) has joined ARC as a participating carrier effective with sales on July 18, 2011 (PED 7/24/11). In operation since 1950, Arkia Airlines is the second largest Israeli airline, based at Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv (SDV).

Arkia Airlines operates scheduled flights from its main base at Ben Gurion International Airport in TLV to two domestic destinations (Eilat and Haifa) and 17 international destinations in 15 countries, including Jordan, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Russia CIS.

The carrier operates a fleet of two Boeing 757-300, Embraer 195, five ATR 72, and four Boeing 787s on order to be delivered in 2015. Arkia Airlines is displayed and e-ticketable in the following GDSs: 1A, 1P, 1G, and 1S.

Arkia Airlines is offering 7% sales commission on published fares to ARC accredited agents on all tickets issued on their stock (IZ/238).

Arkia Israeli Airlines has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Arkia Israeli Airlines. Currently, Arkia Israeli Airlines accepts cash as the only form of payment through ARC.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, please contact the offices listed below:

Arkia Israeli Airlines
ARC Agent's Support Office
Telephone: +1 201 526 7807

Tip of the Week - ARC Document Ordering System Searches

Did you know that you can search for previous ticket stock orders in the Document Ordering System? To search for previous ticket stock orders, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Document Ordering System.
  • On the left side of the Home Page, click the Order Status button.
  • Select an option from the Search By drop down menu.
  • Click the All Orders radio button.
  • Enter appropriate information in the Search Criteria field.
  • Click the Search button.

Please remember that regular searches will go back 45 days. For searches up to two years, you must go to the Advanced Search screen by clicking on the Advanced Search link. For ticket stock history or previous orders for more than two years, please contact ARC's Customer Care Center for assistance at 703-816-8003 or

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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