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PED 07/10/2011

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Air New Zealand to Support IAR ET Refunds Beginning Thursday, July 21st

ET Refund EDIFACT messaging will be activated with Air New Zealand (NZ/086) on Thursday, July 21, 2011. This means that refunds performed in IAR will also update the coupons directly with Air New Zealand.

  • For refunds performed in your GDS, be sure you are using the proper GDS commands to ensure your refund is loaded to IAR. Please contact your GDS for information regarding specific refund commands.
  • For ET refunds being manually entered into IAR, the coupon status of that ticket number must be OPEN at the validating carrier or the refund will not be allowed for any carrier supporting IAR ET Refund functionality.

For a complete list of carriers that support ET Voids, ET Refunds and ET Cancel Refunds, please refer to the Carrier ET Matrix at:

Tip of the Week - Completing Refunds or Exchanges

When refunding or exchanging tickets, please remember to check the individual carrier's refund or exchange policy before issuing the refund or exchange in the GDS.

Please note that debit memos could be issued by carriers for transactions processed without proper waiver codes or ESACs.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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