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PED 04/10/2011

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ARC Memo Manager Update

Air Canada has announced that they will begin using ARC Memo Manager for debit and credit memos beginning April 13, 2011. When they implement, all memos will be distributed electronically through ARC Memo Manager.

The April 13th distribution will include new debit/credit memos created between April 4 - 8, 2011. Following this, all unpaid debit memos previously issued in paper format (prior to April 4, 2011) will be loaded into ARC Memo Manager. The load of historical & unpaid debit memos is expected to be completed by April 29th, 2011. Once this is completed, agents should use ARC Memo Manager to resolve all Air Canada memos.

If you have any questions concerning the historical load memos please contact

ARC Deletes U.S. Helicopter (UH/116)

ARC will delete U.S. Helicopter (UH/116) effective Monday, April 18, 2011 (PED 04/24/11). If you have any questions, please contact the ARC Customer Care Center at 703-816-8003.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines New Baggage Policy

Effective April 1, 2011, Aeroflot Russian Airlines (555/SU) has a new baggage policy which may be reviewed at

ARC MarketPlace April Webinar: "What's In It For Me?"

Jeff Katz from MindLeaders will lead this informative 60-minute presentation. Learn how to:

  • Improve your technical and communication skills
  • Sharpen your business acuity
  • Boost your job efficiency
  • Get skills to tackle any task

Tip of the Week IAR ET Refund EDIFACT Enhancement Carrier On Boarding Schedule

You may view the IAR ET Refund EDIFACT enhancement carrier on boarding schedule at

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