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PED 01/30/2011

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Virgin America Joins ARC and Announces Phased-In Activation

Virgin America (VX/983) will be transitioning to industry standard electronic ticketing and standard reporting/settlement practices through ARC using a phased-in approach by each GDS. The first GDS to transition will be Worldspan effective February 1, 2011 (PED 02/06/11).

Other GDSs, including Apollo/Galilieo, Sabre and Amadeus will be transitioned in the near future. ARC will provide more information regarding these transition dates as they become available.

Virgin America accepts American Express, MasterCard, UATP, Visa and Cash as valid forms of payment through ARC.

Virgin America has elected the General Concurrence method of appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Virgin America unless specifically advised to the contrary by the carrier.

In addition to fleetwide WiFi, mood-lit cabins and standard power outlets, the airline offers guests the most advanced personal touch-screen in-flight entertainment platform in the skies. Virgin America flies to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Cabos and Cancun (as of January 2011).

For more information about Virgin America please use the following contact information:

Update on IAR ET Refund EDIFACT Enhancement

ARC is implementing EDIFACT messaging for Electronic Ticket (ET) refunds and voids of ET refunds performed in the IAR system. This means that each ET refund performed manually in IAR will first be verified for eligibility against each participating carrier's ET database (ETDB).

In a communication sent Wednesday, January 26, rollout of the enhancement was originally announced as to begin Thursday, February 3, with various entities beginning implementation soon thereafter. Implementation for all parties has been pushed forward and is estimated at this time to begin in early March.

Iberia S.A. Restructures to Iberia Operadora

On 20 January 2011, IBERIA Lineas Aereas de Espana Sociedad Anónima Operadora (IBERIA Operadora) registered in Spain, became the successor of all business networks of IBERIA Lineas Aereas de Espana S.A, (IBERIA S.A.) who will continue to operate without interruption. IBERIA Operadora has been assigned the same carrier code of IB/075 previously assigned to IBERIA S.A.

IBERIA Operadora operates the same scheduled and non-scheduled international and domestic services as the former IBERIA S.A.

Tip of the Week: Granting IAR Access to Users in My ARC

Remember that when IAR tool access in My ARC is granted to a user, the user will at that point have View Only status in IAR. The IAR Administrator needs to then go into IAR and assign the user a User Role and User Group.

To do this, in IAR the Administrator clicks on the Administrations tab and then selects the User profile to edit:

  1. Once in the User Profile, select a User Role from the dropdown menu
  2. Select a User group from the Available Groups column and move it to the Selected Groups column
  3. Click the Submit button

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