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PED 09/26/2010

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Air Moldova Accepts American Express

Beginning immediately, Air Moldova (9U/572) accepts American Express as a valid form of payment through ARC.

ARC MarketPlace - New Bonus Commission Program Beginning October 1

Beginning October 1, will be implementing a new bonus commission program for ARC participating agencies. This new volume-based payout will be in addition to the 6% commission payouts on all sales transactions today.

How it works:

The current 6% monthly commission payouts stay in place. A quarterly bonus commission will be paid based on achieved sale amounts each quarter*:

Tier 1: $0-$450 sales = No bonus commission
Tier 2: $451 - $1000 sales = 1% bonus commission
Tier 3: $1001 - $2000 sales = 2% bonus commission
Tier 4: $2001 and higher sales = 4% bonus commission

Eligible agencies will begin accruing bonus commissions on October 1 - no additional application or sign-up is required. The first quarterly bonus commission payment for 2010 Q4 will be paid in January 2011.

* Bonus commission is paid based on sales during that particular quarter and will be net of refunds and adjustments.

Tip of the Week - Completing Form 116 for the Destruction of Airline Plates

When destroying airline plates, you are not required to submit the Airline Identification Plate Inventory when completing Form 116 - Affidavit of Traffic Document and/or Airline Identification Plate Destruction.

You may find form 116 - Affidavit of Traffic Document and/or Airline Identification Plate Destruction online at

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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