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PED 06/06/2010

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Update on TSA Secure Flight

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continues to work toward ensuring compliance with TSA Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) standards. Adherence with TSA Secure Flight Passenger Data standards is required for all airlines to/from/through the U.S., effective November 1, 2010. Specifically, the regulation requires customers to supply full SFPD information at the time of ticketing which may take place well in advance of November 1. Full SFPD includes full name, date of birth, gender and optional redress number.

In light of this, carriers are asking agents to include SFPD information anticipating future travel dates. Deadlines may vary by carrier with some airlines asking agents to include full SFPD for all transactions effective starting June 15, 2010. If in doubt with respect to individual carrier policies, agents are advised to commence collecting full SFPD immediately or contact the carrier in question for individual policies.

Additional Resources:

Complete information on Secure Flight can be found at

A complete list of acceptable forms of I.D. can be found at

Information on the Redress process can be found at

A Secure Flight Passenger Data definition document outlining the elements of Secure Flight data that airlines must collect can be found at

For more on TSA privacy policies, or to review the system of records notice and the privacy impact assessment, please see the TSA Web site at

TAAG Angola Airlines Activates e-Ticketing in Worldspan

TAAG Angola Airlines (DT/118) has activated e-ticketing in Worldspan, making DT e-ticketing now available in both Worldspan and Amadeus.

Tip of the Week: Setting Up eMail Alerts for New Memos in ARC Memo Manager

Administrators have the ability to set email alerts that they have received new memos for their entity in Memo Manager.

To set up email alerts, log into Memo Manager:

Click the Administration tab.
On the Administration - Application screen, click on the Entity link on the upper left side.
On the Administration - Entity Specific Settings screen, enter your email address in the Notification Mail for New Memos field.
Click the Email Notification checkbox to be notified of new memos.
Click the Submit button to save settings.

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