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PED 05/02/2010

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New IAR Time-Out Functionality

Based on feedback received in recent agency interviews, a new time-out functionality has been implemented in IAR. Although IAR sessions will still time out after 15 minutes of inactivity (as required for PCI/security reasons), a new pop-up window is now displayed to alert users when their IAR session is about to end.

The IAR Session Time-Out pop-up window is displayed after 13 minutes of inactivity and presents the IAR user with two options:

  • 'Continue' - This option resets the time-out clock and keeps the IAR session active
  • 'Close IAR' - This option closes IAR, prompts the user to close the browser window and displays the My ARC homepage

If no action is taken and another 2 minutes of inactivity passes, IAR automatically closes, prompts the user to close the browser window, and displays the My ARC homepage.

Automatically closing IAR will not close a My ARC session unless the last interaction with all open ARC tools (including My ARC) exceeded 15 minutes.

Effective May 3rd - Airline ID Plate Return No Longer Required

ARC has eliminated the requirement that travel agents return unused Airline Identification Plates to ARC. Travel agents whose business practices no longer require the use of ID plates can destroy them and account for this by means of a simple affidavit submitted to ARC.

Effective May 3rd, the process for accounting and destroying unused Airline Identification Plates:

  • Complete Form 116 (Affidavit of Traffic Document and/or Airline identification Plate Destruction) electronically
  • Print and fax the completed form to ARC @ +1 703.341.1228

Methods for Destroying Airline Identification Plate

The plates must be cut in half. This can be done using heavy duty scissors or any other means by which the plates are cut in half. There are document destruction companies throughout the US which will destroy the plates for a fee.

Please do not send any unused or destroyed Airline Identification Plates to ARC.

Alternative to Letters of Credit and Surety Bonds Grows in Past Year

The ARC Cash Deposit Program saw an increase of 35% in the past year as an alternative to letters of credit (LOC) or bonds. With neither renewal fees, premiums, or significant paperwork associated with it, the Cash Guarantee Program is an ideal solution embraced by many travel agencies.

More information regarding the ARC Cash Deposit Program may be found along with the electronic application form at

IRS 2010 Tax Increases Extended

The Administration has signed a two-month extension of the Federal Aviation Administration's authority to collect aviation-related taxes. The measure (H.R. 5147) extends through July 3 the current ticket, fuel, and related taxes that are routed into the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. The previous extension was set to expire April 30.

For the calendar year 2010, the Alaska/Hawaii International Travel Facilities Tax was increased from $8.00 to $8.10. Additionally, the US Flight Segment Tax was increased from $3.60 to $3.70.

The rates apply to domestic segments beginning on or after January 1, 2010 for which payment is made on or after January 1, 2010. The tax must be collected on all taxable amounts paid through July 3, 2010, even if the passenger's transportation begins after that date. Taxes collected for travel that begins after July 3, 2010, may be subject to refund if the tax is not extended. Congress may extend the tax in its current form or may revise it. ARC will inform agents if collection of the tax will continue after July 3, 2010.

ARC Specialist Training at TRAMS Summer Camp - Save the Dates

Do you want the opportunity to earn or renew your ARC Specialist Certificate? The TRAMS Summer Camp is being held this August in Scottsdale, AZ, and ARC will be holding the ARC Specialist training program there at the discounted rate of $250.00. The program provides education on ARC's policies, procedures, products, and services, while students participate in written and verbal exercises in addition to group discussions. A certificate of training completion is presented at the end of the session. Save the dates of August 24th, 25th & 27th (testing day); the final registration details are TBD. Please stay tuned.

Tip of the Week: Editing the Tools List in My ARC

Don't like the order of the tools in the My ARC Toolbox or is it cluttered with tools you don't use?

The My ARC Edit Tool List feature gives you the ability to customize your tool listing. To customize your tools list, at the My ARC Toolbox:

  1. Click the Edit link located in the upper right-hand corner of Tool box.
  2. Once selected, the Edit List screen displays.
  3. Remove a tool from the user's Tools box and "hide" it in the Other Available Tools box by selecting the tool and then clicking the Remove button.
  4. Place a tool back in the user's Tools box by selecting the tool and then clicking the Add button.
  5. Change the order of tools in the Tools box by selecting a tool in the Other Available Tools box and then clicking on the Move Up button or Move Down button.
  6. Click the Save button to save any changes and return to the screen from which the Edit List screen was accessed.
  7. Click the Cancel button to cancel any edits and return to the screen from which the Edit List screen was accessed

Note: When a tool is selected, a description of the tool displays in the Tool Description textbox.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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