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PED 07/26/2009

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ARC Memo Manager Update - Continental Airlines

Effective Aug. 1, 2009, Continental Airlines will no longer issue paper debit memos as Continental will fully transition to ARC Memo Manager for the electronic processing and settlement of all debit and credit memos. All open debit memos will be moved to ARC Memo Manager and from August 1, 2009 forward, all newly issued memos will be issued in ARC Memo Manager. Continental will continue to post memos and ticket copies on its Travel Agency Information Center at, yet disputes and memo settlement must be processed in Memo Manager. Continental indicates that it "reserves the right to impose a $20.00 per debit service charge" for failure to use ARC Memo Manger to process memos. Full details can be found at

Chat Online With ARC and Your Industry Colleagues Today

The new ARC Online Community offers you a platform to share your thoughts and ideas with ARC, suppliers and peers.

Share thoughts on unbundled fees and the EMD under "What is on the Horizon." Are you an ARC MarketPlace user and getting commissions through AMM? Share your thoughts. Chat about your experiences with ARC and our products and services, tools and applications. We want to hear from you - our customers.

Tell the community where you think our industry is headed and take an active roll in influencing the change.

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Tip of the Week: Editing the Tools List in My ARC

Don't like the order of the tools in the My ARC Toolbox or is it cluttered with tools you don't use?

The My ARC Edit Tool List feature gives you the ability to customize your tool listing. To customize your tools list, at the My ARC Toolbox:

  1. Click the Edit link located in the upper right-hand corner of Tool box.
  2. Once selected, the Edit List screen displays.
  3. Remove a tool from the user's Tools box and "hide" it in the Other Available Tools box by selecting the tool and then clicking the Remove button.
  4. Place a tool back in the user's Tools box by selecting the tool and then clicking the Add button.
  5. Change the order of tools in the Tools box by selecting a tool in the Other Available Tools box and then clicking on the Move Up button or Move Down button.
  6. Click the Save button to save any changes and return to the screen from which the Edit List screen was accessed.
  7. Click the Cancel button to cancel any edits and return to the screen from which the Edit List screen was accessed

Note: When a tool is selected, a description of the tool displays in the Tool Description textbox.

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