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PED 07/12/2009

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Air Moldova Joins ARC

Air Moldova (9U/572) has joined ARC as a participating carrier effective with sales on July 13, 2009 (PED 07/19/09).

With headquarters in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, Air Moldova operates international scheduled flights between Chisinau and the cities of Frankfurt, Vienna Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and others. In cooperation with LH, UA, DL, NW, OS, OK and other air carriers, Air Moldova offers seamless connections and competitive fares from a majority of US airports to Chisinau.

Air Moldova has implemented electronic interline agreements with all its key partners; all Air Moldova direct flights are 100% e-ticket eligible. Air Moldova currently operates Airbus-320 and Embraer-120 aircraft and plans to add Embraer-190s in early spring of 2010.

Air Moldova has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Air Moldova. Air Moldova accepts cash as the only form of payment through ARC.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, contact the offices listed below:

Air Moldova
bd. Dacia 80/2, Airport,
MD 2026, Chişinău, rep. of Moldova (contact phone number +373 22.526337) (contact phone number +373 22.576545)

ARC E-Mail Communication Profile Online Now - Get Connected!

We're proud to announce the ARC E-mail Communication Profile for our travel professional customers.

This initiative began as a way to help ARC-accredited Agents, VTCs and CTDs fulfill the contractual requirement of providing an operational e-mail address to ARC beginning this year. But we saw an opportunity for this profile to be much more.

Filling out the profile will not only fulfill that requirement, but will also allow us to better route our e-mail communications and provide you with a way to keep your e-mail contact information updated that's easy and free of charge.

We're also asking for your role within your agency, the type of travel you sell, and what types of communications you'd like to receive. It's a great way to make sure you're connected to all of ARC's product and service offerings, as well as the right industry partners.

Please take a moment to fill out your profile here.

If you get stuck or have any questions, please click here to contact our Business Development Support team right away.

(NOTE: In the first week of processing profiles, we have learned that some users have experienced timing-out or generally slow submittal times. We believe this is due to heavy traffic and users with significantly limited bandwith on their internet servers. Your patience and diligence is appreciated.)

VISA USA Adds New Fee

VISA USA has instituted a $0.10 fee to transactions lacking "proper authorization". A proper authorization is obtained through the system provider as part of the ticketing process and for the specific transaction amount. A service fee transaction for which an authorization is sought as a combined amount with an associated airline ticked is not "proper" and should be authorized separately. The ARC Industry Agents' Handbook Sections 8.0 and 8.2 have been updated to reflect this change. Travel agents are asked to please be cognizant of the need for proper authorization for air and non-air transactions in order to avoid increased credit card costs.

ARC Memo Manager Update - Continental Airlines

Effective Aug. 1, 2009, Continental Airlines will no longer issue paper debit memos as Continental will fully transition to ARC Memo Manager for the electronic processing and settlement of all debit and credit memos. All open debit memos will be moved to ARC Memo Manager and from August 1, 2009 forward, all newly issued memos will be issued in ARC Memo Manager. Continental will continue to post memos and ticket copies on its Travel Agency Information Center at, yet disputes and memo settlement must be processed in Memo Manager. Continental indicates that it "reserves the right to impose a $20.00 per debit service charge" for failure to use ARC Memo Manger to process memos. Full details can be found at

Agent's Choice Access Now Available Only Through My ARC

My ARC is your centralized access point to a growing list of ARC tools and resources. This growing list now include Agent's Choice, which you are now able to access through My ARC without the requirement of an additional login.

Please contact ARC's Customer Care Center at 703.816.8003 if you have any other questions about My ARC or Agent's Choice.

Aeroflot Policy Update

Aeroflot is changing the commission structure offered to ARC-accredted agencies, effective August 1. The revised policy has been posted on Aeroflot's website.

ARC MarketPlace Training

Training classes for ARC MarketPlace - which will also include information about additional revenue-generating opportunities - are being offered this fall. Each free one-hour interactive training class will be conducted online with audio conferencing through Microsoft Live Meeting. Classes will be led by an ARC instructor and participants can ask questions while viewing and following the instructor's presentation.

Class dates are scheduled to be held once a month throughout 2009.

Click Here to register for the Friday, July 24th session.

All sessions will be held from 1pm - 2pm EST. After registering you will receive log-in/call-in instructions via e-mail, prior to the training. We look forward to helping you understand how this revenue-enhancing tool can help your business.

Tip of the Week: Disputing Memos in Memo Manager

Have a memo that you need to dispute or to request additional information to complete your research? You can do that in Memo Manager.

To dispute a memo, at the Memo Detail screen:

  1. Click the Dispute button.
  2. Once selected, the Memo Manager - Dispute screen displays.
  3. Type the dispute dollar value in the Dispute Amount textbox.
  4. Type any comments concerning the dispute in the Comment (public) textbox.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Once selected, the Memo Manager - Save screen displays asking "Do you want to submit changes?"
  7. Click the Yes button to save the changes.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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