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PED 07/05/2009

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ARC E-Mail Communication Profile Online Now - Get Connected!

We're proud to announce the ARC E-mail Communication Profile for our travel professional customers.

This initiative began as a way to help ARC-accredited Agents, CTDs and VTCs fulfill the contractual requirement of providing an operational e-mail address to ARC beginning this year. But we saw an opportunity for this profile to be much more.

Filling out the profile will not only fulfill that requirement, but will also allow us to better route our e-mail communications and provide you with a way to keep your e-mail contact information updated that's easy and free of charge.

We're also asking for your role within your agency, the type of travel you sell, and what types of communications you'd like to receive. It's a great way to make sure you're connected to all of ARC's product and service offerings, as well as the right industry partners.

Please take a moment to fill out your profile here.

If you get stuck or have any questions, please click here to contact our Business Development Support team right away.

Agent's Choice to Move Behind My ARC This Coming Thursday

My ARC is your centralized access point to a growing list of ARC tools and resources. This growing list will include Agent's Choice, effective Thursday, July 9th. You will then be able to access Agent's Choice through My ARC without the requirement of an additional login.

To take advantage of all the features and benefits My ARC has to offer, we encourage you to have your Agent's Choice account in active status. We will send an e-mail to all active Agent's Choice users once it is integrated behind My ARC.

Please contact ARC's Customer Care Center at 703.816.8003 if you have any other questions about My ARC or Agent's Choice.

ARC Privacy Policy Update

ARC's Privacy Policy has recently been updated to include the way we utilize information obtained pertaining to the web. The policy is very thorough and addresses many of the questions and concerns typically associated with the use and applications of said information. Please go to to review the policy.

Tip of the Week: Remember to Reconcile Your IAR Report on a Daily Basis

Make transaction modifications and reconcile your IAR Report on a daily basis. By reconciling your IAR Report on a daily basis, you ensure that you will not miss the void window deadline.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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