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PED 05/24/2009

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Important Reminder: Sales Report Submission Deadline

Important reminder: Any sales report authorized after the submission deadline is considered late and will be assessed a compensatory fee of $30 for each late report. This means any report authorized after 11:59 p.m. EST, on the Tuesday following the Sunday PED date (or after a holiday extension deadline), will be assessed this fee. While sales reports authorized late are statistically few in number, please remain alert to this important deadline.

Chat Online With ARC and Your Industry Colleagues Today

The new ARC Online Community offers you a platform to share your thoughts and ideas with ARC, suppliers and peers.

Share thoughts on unbundled fees and the EMD under "What is on the Horizon." Are you an ARC MarketPlace user and getting commissions through AMM? Share your thoughts. Chat about your experiences with ARC and our products and services, tools and applications. We want to hear from you - our customers.

Tell the community where you think our industry is headed and take an active roll in influencing the change.

We'll see you there... ARC Online Community for Travel Industry Professionals.

Tip of the Week: Registering For ARC Memo Manager

Visit and click on Memo Manager under Tool Logins. Click the "Not Enrolled? Register Now" link to access the registration form.

When a user registers for ARC Memo Manager an email notification is sent to the user's administrator along with the new user's Request ID. Using the Request ID, the administrator validates the information, processes the request and either activates or rejects the user's account. To activate a new user account:

At the Memo Manager - User Registration Request screen,

  1. Type the user's request ID in the Request ID textbox.
  2. Click the Load button to load the user's information into the screen.
  3. Click the Accept button to accept the data and activate the account. If the request is accepted, an email notification is sent to the user.
  4. Click the Cancel button to clear the input fields and return to the previous screen.

If you need further assistance, please contact the ARC Customer Care Center at 703.816.8003 or

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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