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PED 04/19/2009

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2006 ARC Transaction History File Available Until May 1

ARC's Transaction History File with data for the full year of 2006 is available on CD until May 1. After this date, ARC will begin to purge all transaction information older than 39 months.

This file provides you with your settled and voided transaction information for all PEDs in 2006. It comes equipped with FREE viewer software that allows you to easily search for a specific transaction, view it on screen, and print it onto a single page. Plus, the software is self-contained - there's nothing to install.

You can import the Transaction History text file into several popular software programs, such as Microsoft Excel and Access, in order to create reports, manage, sort, and analyze the data as you please. For further information, please call +1 703.816.8530 or Click here to learn more.

2009 Quarterly Transaction Fees - 1st Quarter

The transaction fee is assessed quarterly. In 2009, the fee is $0.019 per transaction. Agencies reporting an aggregate of less than 1,000 transactions per quarter will not be assessed transaction fees. The maximum number of transactions for which an agency can be charged in a quarter is 1.875 million transactions per entity. A separate debit representing the fee will be drawn on or after April 23, 2009 against the account designated by your agency. Only one draft will be issued for consolidated drafting agents.

Bellview Airlines Now Accepts UATP

Effective with sales of April 20, 2009 (PED 04/26/09), Bellview Airlines (B3/208) accepts UATP as a valid form of payment through ARC.

Surinam Airways No Longer Accepts Diners Club and UATP

Effective with sales of April 20, 2009 (PED 04/26/09), Surinam Airways (PY/192) no longer accepts Diners Club International or UATP as valid forms of payment through ARC.

Tip of the Week: ARC Memo Manager - Avoid Pop-ups and Excessive Navigation

"I keep getting ugly pop-ups and have to press buttons before logging in." This may be caused by the way you are accessing AMM. We suggest bookmarking the URL Once you've bookmarked the site, go into your bookmarks, right click on the bookmark, select properties and then enter as the URL in the Web Document tab.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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