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PED 01/25/2009

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We Need Your Feedback On Our New Website

ARC's website is undergoing a multi-step redesign. This will significantly change the look and feel of and add several enhancements that will improve the user experience. We need your help before it goes live.

Register now to be part of our beta-test program, starting in early February, and get a sneak peek of the new You'll get to "kick the tires" and provide feedback on the new site. Beta users will have access to the new site prior to public release but will also have the ability to view the current site.

To become a beta user, please register here.

VRG Announces the Re-designation of the Varig (RG/042) Carrier Code in ARC and Provides New Ticketing Procedures

ARC has been notified that the merger of VRG Varig (RG/042) and GOL (G3/127) has resulted in the re-designation of the Varig carrier code to G3/127. Therefore, effective February 2, 2009 (PED 02/08/09), the Varig carrier code of RG/042 will be deleted from ARC and re-designated as G3/127.

However, since Varig (G3/127) temporarily supports only non-ticketed transactions, ARC Travel Professionals will not be able to issue ticketed transactions on G3/127. Instead, Varig is requesting that Travel Professionals ticket G3/127 segments using the plate of Varig's e-Ticket Interline partner - Hahn Air (HR/169).

Ticketing Procedures

  • Varig G3/127 Segments should be ticketed and reported to ARC under the code of HR/169.
  • Exchanges/Refunds - unused RG/042 coupons submitted after PED 02/08/09 will be rejected. Refund/Exchanges should be submitted directly to Varig for processing at:
    Varig Airlines
    Accounting Manager
    P.O. Box 524587
    Miami, FL 33152

Credit Card Acceptance and Risk Guide Available

ARC has posted a guide to provide information to travel agents about credit card acceptance and risk entitled "Credit Card Acceptance and Chargeback Prevention Tips for Travel Agents". It is available on the ARC web site at

In the current electronic environment, travel agents often operate in a non face-to-face environment. There is always risk that a transaction could be misrepresented, fraudulent and/or result in a chargeback. This guide was designed to provide information about credit card acceptance tools available to assist travel agents in evaluating the level of risk so decisions can be made about which transactions to accept.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud or an attempt has been made to perpetrate fraud at your agency, please call the ARC Fraud Investigations and Fraud Prevention team at 703.816.8137 or send an e-mail to

Tip of the Week: Editing My ARC User Accounts

My ARC users can make changes to current account information by accessing the Edit Account screen. The Edit Account screen contains four tabs; each tab allows you to make changes to your account information.

The tabs are:

User Summary
Change Password
Security Questions
Email Options

To access the Edit Account screen:

At the My ARC Home page screen, click Edit in the upper right corner of the User Info box. The edit screen will default to User Summary information for editing; the other three tabs are displayed and can also be chosen for editing.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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