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PED 05/04/2008

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Vladivostok Air Has Joined ARC

Vladivostok Air (XF/277) has joined the ARC as a participating carrier, effective with sales on May 5, 2008 (PED 05/11/08).

Founded in 1932 and with headquarters in Vladivostok, Russia, Vladivostok Air is the largest air carrier in Russia's Far East. Service between Anchorage, Alaska and Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Russia, with connecting flights to Vladivostok, is slated to begin July 7, 2008.

Vladivostok Air, which carriers over 700,000 passengers annually and provides flight service to 32 domestic and 12 international destinations, offers a competitive mileage program "LEADER", and is one of the first Russian airlines to introduce e-ticketing.

Vladivostok Air's international flight service includes Moscow (Vnukovo)-Frankfurt (Hahn), and flights between Vladivostok and Osaka, Niigata, Toyama, Kitakyushu, Seoul. Busan, Beijing, Harbin, Hanoi and Bangkok. Their domestic flight schedules include to and from Moscow (Vunkovo), St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Magadan, Komsomolsk Na Amure, Yakutsk, Krasnojarsk, Sochi, Yekaterinburg and Kemerovo, among others.

Vladivostok Air mainly operates Airbus A-320-200's and state of the art Tupolev Tu-204-300's.

Vladivostok Air has elected the General Concurrence method of agent appointment, whereby all ARC agents are automatically appointed as agents of Vladivostok Air unless specifically advised to the contrary by the carrier.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, contact the offices listed below:

Vladivostok Air U.S. Representative Office
(Vladivostok Air America, Inc.)
2601 Fourth Avenue
Suite 310
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206.443.1614
Fax: 206.443.0954

Important Notice about Paper Tickets

ARC will continue to process paper tickets after May 31, 2008 and has no plan to revoke paper tickets or restrict new paper stock orders from ARC-accredited travel agencies. While IATA has announced the removal of paper tickets from travel agencies outside the United States effective June 1, 2008, travel agents within the ARC settlement system will continue to be able to print paper tickets where applicable.

ARC Carrier e-Ticketing Policies and Practices Update

ARC-processed travel agency and CTD transactions have reached 98% e-ticketing and ARC participating carriers support for continued e-ticketing growth is broad. While ARC will continue to process paper transactions as needed, on an individual basis, carriers have asked ARC to communicate their specific policies with respect to e-ticketing. Please see e-ticketing news from specific carriers and their policies and practices below:

Singapore Airlines (SQ/618) - ET Only

Effective immediately, Singapore Airlines' worldwide policy will only allow issuance of electronic tickets (ET). No issuance of paper tickets is permitted. All GDSs are ET-enabled for SQ/618. All airports in the SQ network can accept ET. Interline ET (IET) with SQ's interline partners is in place with 127 carriers.

ISS Access Now Available Only Through My ARC

Now you will be able to access ISS through My ARC without the requirement of an additional login. Click here to get your My ARC account today.

Tip of the Week - 2008 Holiday/Void Schedule Available Online

The 2008 Holiday Schedule/Void Window Extensions chart is available online. It may be accessed on ARC's corporate website at under 'Top Resources'.

The 2008 Holiday Schedule/Void Window Extensions information may also be found in the Industry Agents' Handbook - Section 11.3 at

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