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PED 03/23/2008

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Aloha Airlines Files for Chapter XI Bankruptcy Protection - ARC Continues Processing

ARC has been advised that Aloha Airlines (AQ/327) filed a voluntary reorganization proceeding under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on March 20, 2008.

Aloha Airlines expects to continue to operate flights and customer programs without interruption and, having assumed the Agreements with ARC, ARC will continue processing Aloha Airlines validated transactions, including sales, refunds and exchanges, without interruption.

Please contact ARC Customer Service Center at 703-816-8003 or at with any processing-related questions.

Now Available - Book Car Rentals through ARC MarketPlace

ARC is pleased to announce that CarTrawler is now available through ARC MarketPlace. Book commissionable car rentals from the industry's top suppliers - 450 companies offering rentals in 134 countries.

CarTrawler's technology platform enables it to guarantee the lowest available rental price for any car model across its 12,000 global locations. Round out your clients' travel plans while you earn a commission! Visit

Aegean Airlines Now Accepts UATP

Effective with sales of March 24, 2008 (PED 03/30/08), Aegean Airlines (A3/390) accepts UATP as a form of payment through ARC.

L'Avion e-Ticketing Available Via Sabre

Effective immediately, e-ticketing is now available for L'Avion (AO-015) on Sabre.

Tip of the Week - Error Rollovers in IAR

Rollovers occur when an IAR sales report has been submitted with errors, or when there are errors in an unsubmitted sales report and the submission deadline has passed. Once the submission deadline has passed, the report cannot be reversed and any errors contained in that report will show on the next available report as 'Out of Period' (O status). This process continues each week until all errors from previously submitted reports are fixed.

When an error rolls over 3 PEDs or more, the ticket information is forwarded to Ticket Resolution Services (TRS) and a fee of $34.00 is applied to each ticket. Agents may also receive a debit memo from the validating carrier for tickets submitted out of period.

To prevent errors from rolling over, review your IAR Report daily and correct all errors before submitting the report.

NOTE: It is important that all errors be corrected before the report deadline has passed.

For other tips on preventing unreported sales go to

For assistance, contact the Customer Support Center at 703.816.8003 Option 2, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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