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PED 02/03/2008

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SATA International Now Accepts American Express

Effective with sales of February 4, 2008 (PED 02/10/08), SATA International (S4/331) accepts American Express as a form of payment through ARC.

Presidents' Day Holiday Information - February 18, 2008

Sales Report Submission

ARC's offices will be open on Monday, February 18, 2008, for the Presidents' Day Holiday. Agencies and CTDs will not have an extra day to prepare the sales report for PED 02/17/08. Your weekly sales report must be authorized by midnight Tuesday, February 19.

Ticket Void Schedule

Please note the following dates to modify and reconcile IAR transactions issued Friday, February 15:

  • GDS Void Date/IAR Reconciliation - Monday, February 18.

ARC will be open and operating Monday, February 18 with the normal Customer Support Center hours of 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Support Center at 703.816.8003.

ARC Agent's Choice Introduces Client Profile

Agent's Choice has recently implemented Client Profile, an enhancement that saves and recalls client information. This new feature saves time and reduces errors for all agents, especially those with a great deal of repeat clients. Click here to view a demo of Client Profile, and don't forget to take advantage of this time saving feature the next time you use Agent's Choice.

Outwit the Outlaws - I.D. Checking Guide

The I.D. Checking Guide is an inexpensive and simple tool to help agencies verify documents, presented by customers, to validate their identity. It helps businesses validate driver's licenses from every state including Canada, federal documents such as passports, military ID cards, and immigration documents; and bank cards including American Express, Diners Club, and Visa.

For less than $30 per guide, your agency and affiliates will join countless government agencies, department stores, retail chains, financial service providers, car rental companies and liquor resellers who use the I.D. Checking Guide. They use it to combat forged, altered, and counterfeited forms of identification that are received in person, via fax, email, or mail. To help safeguard your business from the bad guys, Click Here and order the I.D. Checking Guide.

Tip of the Week: IAR Administrative Coverage

The 2008 Holiday Schedule/Void Window Extensions chart is available online. It may be accessed on ARC's corporate website at under 'Top Resources'.

The 2008 Holiday Schedule/Void Window Extensions information may also be found in the Industry Agent's Handbook - Section 11.3 at

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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