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PED 10/28/2007

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ARC MarketPlace Commissions to be Paid Through ARC Memo Manager

Starting in November, ARC will pay ARC MarketPlace commissions via a credit memo in ARC Memo Manager. There are five easy steps:

  • ARC will issue a credit memo for your commission payment
  • Registered Memo Manager primary administrators will be sent a daily e-mail when they have received new memos in Memo Manager
  • Login to Memo Manager to review your memos
  • Accept the memo in Memo Manager by selecting the "Pay" button for that memo
  • Memo Manager will automatically update your IAR sales report with the relevant memo information.

Please register now for ARC Memo Manager, to prevent any delay in receiving your commissions. On the ARC homepage (, click on Memo Manager in the Tools Login box. At the next screen, select "Not Enrolled? Register Now"

Go to and learn more about ARC MarketPlace and earning commissions on its 6000+ international destination activities, sightseeing tours, city passes, day cruises, show tickets, and worldwide airport transfers.

Air Berlin Now Accepts MasterCard and Visa

Effective with sales of October 29, 2007 (PED 11/04/07), Air Berlin (AB/745) accepts MasterCard and Visa as forms of payment through ARC.

ARC Memo Manager - Carrier Update

The following carriers have implemented ARC Memo Manager for credit and debit memo processing as of PED 10/28/07:

Air Jamaica (201)
Aviacsa (095)

For a complete list of subscribing carriers, please click here. Please visit here for more information on ARC Memo Manager.

Additional Tax Fields in IAR and in the Back Office System (BOS) File

On November 29, 2007, IAR will be enhanced to process up to 99 individual taxes for sales, refunds and exchange transactions, resulting in additional tax fields in IAR. This implementation date has changed from November 26th as previously announced in the TAC for PED 10-21-07.

For sales and refund transactions, IAR will display 99 tax fields. For exchange transactions, IAR will display 99 tax fields for both the new document(s) and old document(s). The additional taxes processed can be loaded into IAR from the GDS or manually entered by a user.

In addition to IAR, the Back Office System (BOS) Detail file will display up to 99 taxes for sales and refund transactions. Exchange transactions will display up to 99 taxes for each new document.

To ensure a smooth transition, all training materials and online help documents will be updated to reflect this enhancement. For additional information, please refer to IAR Help News and Information.

Tip of the Week: Listing a Specific Ticket in IAR

When searching for an individual ticket in your weekly IAR sales report, don't waste time by scrolling through the entire report.

You can list the ticket directly. Once you sign into your IAR sales report:

  • Enter the ticket number that you are searching for in the 'Document (Start)' field
  • Click on the blue 'Create List' button. This will list transactions starting with the ticket number that you entered.

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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