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PED 10/08/2007

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Agents Lose Ticket Stock to Burglaries

Several burglaries were reported to ARC in the past month. Noting this, it is important to keep track of the amount of documents your agency has on its premises and to stay informed of current ARC ticket security rules. These rules include the following:

  • 1 Box of automated tickets (or up to 1,000 ATB automated ticket coupons) in use in each ticket printer
  • 1 Additional spare box of automated tickets (or up to 1,000 ATB automated ticket coupons) bearing the same ARC stock number; this box must be locked up at all times in a container meeting the requirements.
  • 1 Box, or mailing unit, each of manual tickets, MCOs and PTAs; when not being issued, such documents must be locked up in a container meeting the requirements.

Security Rules for ARC Traffic Documents and Airline Identification Plates in Attachment B to the ARA, can be found at

Fraud Prevention Tips can be found in Section 70 of the Industry Agents' Handbook can be found at

Tip of the Week: IAR Administrative Coverage

Having more than one IAR Administrator in your organization can decrease reporting issues that can arise when your sole IAR Administrator is unavailable. If you have multiple agents within your office, it is recommended that you add at least one additional IAR Administrator to serve as backup. The primary role of an IAR Administrator is to manage IAR user accounts. This includes:

  • Creating additional user accounts
  • Modifying a user account
  • Deleting a user account
  • Defining a user's role
  • Resetting a user's password

When a sole IAR Administrator is unavailable, user management functions cannot be performed. This may potentially impact sales reporting and may result in needless debit memos and/or unreported sales.

To learn how to assign a user an IAR Administrator role, please refer to (IAR Online Help) or contact the ARC Customer Support Center at (703)816-8003 or

Etihad Airways (607/EY) Updated Contact Information

Etihad Airways Specialized Agent Support Desk (New)

Number: 1 - 866 - 6 - ETIHAD
Hours: Monday - Friday from 0900 - 1700hrs Eastern Time

General Passenger Reservations

Number: 1 - 888 - 8 - ETIHAD
Hours: 24/7

Additional Numbers

JFK Baggage Claim: 1 - 718 - 751 - 4955

JFK Flight Information: 1 - 718 - 751 - 3991

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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