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PED 08/05/2007

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Credit Card Masking in IAR and in the Back Office System File

IAR and the Back Office System (BOS) file will be enhanced so as to mask credit card numbers in the Form of Payment and Fare Calculation fields. The purpose of this enhancement is to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, ARC's Corporate Security Guidelines and to better protect your data.

Credit card numbers displayed in the form of payment and fare calculation fields will be masked by asterisks except for the last 4 digits of the number. Credit card numbers will be masked by default for all IAR users and unmasked by default for BOS with the option to mask.

Implementation of this enhancement is scheduled for late August/early September. Updated information pertaining to this change will be communicated once a final implementation date has been established. For detailed information on this enhancement, please refer to IAR Help News and Information.

Meridiana Airlines Joins ARC as Participating Carrier

Meridiana Airlines (IG/191) has joined ARC as a participating carrier, effective with sales as of August 6, 2007 (PED 08/12/07).

With headquarters in Olbia, Italy, Meridiana Airlines serves the main cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Verona and Turin. Meridiana also serves international routes, mainly from Florence to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, London, Madrid, and Prague; from Verona to Pristina, and from Bologna to Malta.

For inquiries, reservations, or sales information, contact Meridiana's U.S. Sales Office at:

Meridiana Airlines
915 Broadway
Suite 600
New York, NY 10010
Telephone: 212.228.7537
Fax: 212.228.9845

New Products Join the ARC Printables Collection™

ARC is pleased to announce the expansion of the ARC Printables Collection™ with four new products. In addition to the popular Mini Itins, the ARC Printables Collection now includes:

  • Invoice/Itineraries for pin-feed invoice/itinerary printers
  • Checks for laser printers
  • Printer Ribbons for selected TI, IBM and other printers
  • Ticket Jackets

To learn more, please visit the ARC Printables Collection page.

Kingfisher Airlines Now Accepts Diners Club International, Mastercard and Visa

Effective with sales of August 6, 2007 (PED 08/12/07), Kingfisher Airlines (090/IT) accepts Diners Club International, Mastercard and Visa as a form of payment through ARC.

Air Astana Does Accept MasterCard

Please note that Air Astana (KC/465) does accept Mastercard as a form of payment through ARC. This was not stated in ARC's original announcement of Air Astana's participation.

Tip of the Week: IAR Administration Coverage

Having more than one IAR Administrator in your organization can decrease reporting issues that can arise when your sole IAR Administrator is unavailable. If you have multiple agents within your office, it is recommended that you add at least one additional IAR Administrator to serve as backup. The primary role of an IAR Administrator is to manage IAR user accounts. This includes:

  • Creating additional user accounts
  • Modifying a user account
  • Deleting a user account
  • Defining a user's role
  • Resetting a user's password

When a sole IAR Administrator is unavailable, user management functions cannot be performed. This may potentially impact sales reporting and may result in needless debit memos and/or unreported sales.

To learn how to assign a user an IAR Administrator role, please refer to (IAR Online Help) or contact the ARC Customer Support Center at (703)816-8003 or

Please distribute the ARC TAC among staff and colleagues.

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