Forgotten user name or password

If you cannot remember your user name or password for My ARC, click on the link for "forgot user name" or "forgot password" below the login fields. You will then be prompted to answer three security questions, which you created the first time you logged in.

If you cannot answer the security questions successfully, contact one of your internal administrators for assistance. If you are the agency's My ARC Primary Administrator, contact ARC.

Finding your administrator

Click on "find administrator" below the login fields for contact information for your administrator. You will then receive an e-mail listing your administrators.

Getting access to tools

Only My ARC Primary Administrators and Tool Administrators can grant tool access to My ARC users. By default, all My ARC Primary Administrators have admin access to tools available in My ARC.

What the lock symbol means

The lock symbol is used to signify that there is an additional login required.

Allowing others to view credit card data for Online Carrier Reports (OCR)

Only a My ARC Primary Administrator or OCR tool administrator can grant this access.

On the My ARC home page, click "view/edit user and accounts". Click on the person's name to pull up their user profile. On the profile page, click "edit" next to tools. Then locate the line where OCR is listed on and there will be a box you can click on to unmask credit card data.

Additional Resources