ARC Memo Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Memo Manager is a web application which facilitates the processing and settlement of adjustment memos.

Memo Manager processes debit memos, credit memos, recall commission statements and Ticket Resolution Services (TRS) memos.

TRS memos are debit memos issued by a carrier for a carrier identified unreported sale, flown and refunded, or a credit card charge back transaction.

No, however it is recommended. If you are an agency, a carrier may only distribute their memos through Memo Manager.

Memo Manager reduces paper, reduces processing time and cost, eliminates mailings, provides easy access to data for analysis, provides immediate access to the status of memos, simplifies communication, eliminates the need to manually enter memo data into IAR.

Memo Manager is accessed through MyARC, ARC’s web portal.

Your entities administrator for MyARC can create an account for you.

Your entity’s Memo Manager Tool Administrator for Memo Manager can provide access if your entity is currently using Memo Manager.

Your entity’s My ARC Primary Administrator can request access.

The user roles are:

  • Carrier - Memo Administrator, Memo User, Memo Corresponder
  • Agency - Memo Administrator, Memo User, Memo Corresponder
  • System Provider (GDS) - Memo Administrator, Memo Corresponder

No, all Memo Manager user accounts are managed by the MyARC Tool Administrator for Memo Manager.

That is correct; initially MyARC will only display your HOL. You must add the additional locations you want to access. This can be done by using the Add ARC Number link on the MyARC Select the Memo Manager Location to View screen. For complete instructions, please view the Adding a Memo Manager Location in the ARC Memo Manager Access section of Online Help or the ARC Memo Manager User Guide for Travel Agents.

Yes, you can make full payments to a group of memos from your list of memos on the Home page. Partial payments can only be made to individual memos.

Yes, though we recommend using Memo Manager to pay your memos, payment can be sent directly to the carrier. If you choose to send payment directly to the carrier, it is recommended that you record the payment in Memo Manager in the Non-IAR section, signifying to the carrier payment is being sent.

If a System Provider is a subscriber to Memo Manager, you can grant them access to your memos.

No, a memo can only be paid or disputed by a travel agent. A System Provider can only view, correspond and upload attachments to a memo.

Currently Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport subscribe to Memo Manager.

If a memo is paid through Memo Manager, memo is sent to the agent's IAR sales report and then settled once the IAR sales report is authorized.

Yes, Memo Manager provides you the ability to dispute a memo. Once disputed, the carrier is electronically notified of the dispute. The carrier has the option to accept or reject the dispute.

The file size limit is 10 MB.

No, once an attachment has been uploaded to a memo, it cannot be removed.

Yes, you can add attachments to a group of memos at the same time.

A memo becomes inactive if it reaches its age limit and no action was taken on the memo.

Once a memo becomes inactive it can only be paid and settled directly through the carrier.

Yes, the carrier has the ability to reactive memos that have become inactive?

Carriers have the ability to set an age limit of its memos. If no action is taken on the memo within the specified timeframe, the memo becomes inactive.

Travel agents can contact ARC's Customer Care Center at +1 855.816.8003. Carriers and System Providers can contact ARC's Carrier Help Desk at +1 855.816.8007.

For additional information, please view the memo manager user guides for Carriers, Travel Agents and System Providers.

ARC Memo Manager supports debit memos, credit memos, and recall commission statements.

No. ARC Memo Manager is one of the valuable services ARC provides to travel professionals participating in our core programs.

A memo can be paid through IAR or outside of IAR. When an agent pays a memo in ARC Memo Manager via IAR, the information is automatically included in the current IAR sales report.

IAR handles memos loaded from Memo Manager like manually-entered memos. They will have the same void and modification windows as manually-entered memos.

No. Only those memos authorized by the agency/CTD will be included in the IAR sales report for settlement.

No. Credit card payments must be made directly with the carrier.

Memos that have the TRS checkbox selected have been sent to the ARC Ticket Resolution Service department for collection. These are memos that are breaches of the ARA either as an unreported sale or an improperly reported sale and can be sent by the carrier to ARC's Ticket Resolution Service for collection. TRS handles memos for the following reasons:

  • Unreported sales
  • Chargeback - Expired card
  • Chargeback - Invalid credit card number
  • Chargeback - Invalid/no auth approval code
  • Chargeback - Unauthorized charge
  • Chargeback - Fraud/Unauthorized charge
  • Flown and refunded (duplicate usage)

Memo Manager supports the XML schema and the BSPlink file format.

Yes, an agent can send a payment directly to the carrier outside of Memo Manager but record the payment in the system. The carrier could then close out the memo once payment is received.

The carrier has the ability to control the number of times a memo can be disputed, when the memos will go inactive and the aging warning. The administrator can assign different user roles such as administrator, full access and view/correspond access to users within the organization.

You cannot find the reports because the Memo Manager email address changed. If you have not received your emails, check with that the emails have not been placed in the Junk or Spam folder. If you have added rules to manage your email, you may need to update your settings to reflect the new address.

The new email address is The subject line of the message has also changed. The subject line will now be Memo Manager Data Import followed by the date and time of the file processed

Yes, the Memo Manager file import emails will still include an attachment. Note: The attachment is now a CSV file instead of a text file.

The subject line of Memo Manager Email reports has changed from the CRS Audit Report to Memo Manager Data Import. The new subject line will also include the date and time that the file was processed.

The information about the status of a file is now included in the body of the email. The status in the body of the email includes a more descriptive summary while the file processing details are still included in the email statement.

The name of the file that was processed will be shown in both the body of the email message as well as the file attachment.