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April 2009

April 02 - ARC Generated (Automated) Refunds

On April 2, 2009 (PED 4-5-09), IAR was enhanced to address the occasional issue of unapplied/dropped voids. An unapplied or dropped void is a GDS void that is received by IAR after its corresponding sales transaction has been processed and extracted to the carrier. As a result, the void cannot be applied. The main reasons for this occurrence are due to one or more of the following "timing" issues:

  1. The Local time where the agency is located
  2. The time zone the agent "pseudo cities" from to void a transaction
  3. The local time zone of the GDS data center
  4. The GDS cut off time for outputting transactions on the daily SPRF files sent to ARC
  5. The receipt of SPRF files by ARC

Because unapplied voids can be difficult to resolve and time consuming, ARC has made great strives in mitigating this problem. Thus, the percentage of unapplied voids is very small. However, the Issue cannot be completely eliminated until we receive real time data feeds from the GDSs.


Effectively immediately, when an unapplied void is received, IAR will automatically create a full refund for the sales transaction. The refund will display in the IAR sales report, and will output to the validating carrier. When output to the carrier, an associated error/exception code will be provided to indicate the refund was generated by ARC.

General Business Rules:

  1. ARC generated refunds cannot be modified or voided unless it is in error
  2. The IAR Refund Details screen will display, "ARC created document" to indicate the refund was generated by ARC as a result of an unapplied void
  3. The refund ESAC field will display the ESAC contained in the original void. If there was no ESAC, the refund ESAC field will display, "ARCAUTOREF"
  4. If a PTA, the PTA Service Charge will be deducted just as a regular PTA refund
  5. ARC generated refunds are extracted along with other refunds, Tuesday after the PED at 11:59 p.m.
  6. ARC will assign an "A" error/exception code. This code will display in DRS and will output to the carriers.