Fraud Alert

Agents in the United States have been the victims of fraudulent ownership change schemes. These unauthorized ownership changes have usually involved situations where the ARC owner of record surrendered control of their agency to the prospective buyer or manager. The buyer promised to send the appropriate ownership change papers to ARC, but most times did not. The buyer or manager then conducted transactions that resulted in major financial losses to ARC participating carriers.

  • Remember - Do not turn over the operation or control of your agency location, blank ticket stock, or access to driving electronic tickets to any third party (including the purchaser) until you have received written notification from ARC that your change of ownership is approved. Until that approval, the ARC agent/owner is responsible for all financial losses on ARC traffic documents and electronic tickets supplied to the location.
  • Prior to executing any contract, meet with the prospective buyer face-to-face and obtain the following:
    • Original color photographs of purchaser and any representatives
    • Color replicas of passport and/or driver's license
    • Personal data of purchaser and any representatives, including home addresses, phone numbers, current and past employment
  • Once you have obtained personal data of the buyer and personnel, confirm the data through Internet searches or other types of records that can verify the data provided. If purchaser objects, you should think twice about going forward with the sale.
  • Observe and record the make, model and license plate numbers of all automobiles driven by the purchaser and representatives.
  • The owner of record should periodically check with ARC's Accreditation Department to ensure a Change of Ownership Application has been submitted and that it is complete to allow timely processing.
  • Do not provide the prospective buyer with access to sensitive data or systems (i.e., credit card numbers, personal information of clients, bank accounts, combination to safe, access to safe deposit boxes, GDS ticketing ability, etc.).
  • Owners of record who believe they have been solicited by insincere purchasers are requested to notify ARC Fraud Prevention at +1 703.816.8137 or