Fraud Alert

Although the majority of Independent Consultants* (IC) are very responsible, honest and trustworthy individuals, there are cases where an IC has committed fraudulent acts while ticketing reservations under their host agency's accreditation. Here are some recommended best practices to help you verify the identity of an IC when you are vetting them before joining your agency.

Confirm Identification

Trust, but VERIFY

  • Some recent cases of fraudulent perpetrated by an IC:
    • One agency - Lost $30,000 due to compromised credit cards from an IC
    • Another agency - Lost over $200,000 due fraudulent use of discount fare codes by IC
  • We recommend working with ICs who participate in ARC's VTC Program:
    • Accredited through ARC
    • Not authorized to ticket
    • They receive an ARC number to use with suppliers

Reducing Risks - Independent consultants verification checklist

  • Obtain full employment history
  • Verify at least two business references
  • Interview the applicant in person
  • Process a background and/or credit check
  • Require proof of E&O insurance
  • Obtain a fully executed IC agreement
  • Have the signed IC agreement and a copy of the applicant's picture ID notarized
  • Monitor IC access codes and rights to systems
  • Always delete user access to IAR, GDS and BOS when IC leaves
  • Use GDS security tools