Fraud Alert

Memorial Day Weekend - Fraud Alert

Fraudsters are unusually active during holiday weekends. Current phishing emails entice the reader to open an attachment. You may believe it is real, but it is not! Advise everyone who has access to the GDS not to open attachments or log into the GDS through an email. You may also check with your GDS to see if they have a program to “turn off your ticketing” (note that this type of program is different than simply turning off the printer) when your agency is closed (evenings, weekends and holidays).

Example of a current phishing email enticing the reader to open an attachment.

Fraud Example

Malware, Spyware and Viruses are unwanted software that is installed in your PC or Network without your knowledge or consent. Each is designed to either damage your computer or network or to take control of it. Often it gathers personal or business information using ‘key logger’ malware to obtain such things as GDS logins and passwords and send the information to the criminal’s computers. Malware, Spyware and Viruses change all the time so you need to implement appropriate and updated procedures and systems to prevent unauthorized access to your PCs and Networks.

What should you do now?

  • Determine if your GDS has a program to “turn off your ticketing” when your agency is closed; and if they do, implement that program before the holiday.
  • Advise staff of the current and past phishing emails and remind them not to click links, open attachments or log into the GDS through an email.
  • Implement a layered approach to prevent unauthorized access to your PCs and network:
    • Use and monitor a firewall
    • Regularly use active and updated malware, spyware and virus protection
    • Update your operating systems with current security updates
    • Update applications with all current security patches
    • Enable anti-phishing ability through your browser

What should you do during the upcoming holiday weekend?

  • Carefully monitor your booking and ticketing in your GDS on the weekend. If you find unauthorized/stolen tickets or bookings, immediately attempt to void them through the GDS.
  • Contact your GDS for further instructions. Immediately change the password of the employee or IC whose credentials were used to issue the tickets.
  • If you find unauthorized/stolen tickets/bookings during the holiday weekend, provide the details to ARC's Fraud Prevention team at or 855-358-0393 and staff will contact you by the next business day with important follow-up information.

If you believe you have received a phishing email, please forward the email to with the subject: possible phishing email.

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