Fraud Alert

Counterfeit Credit Card Scheme

Recently, there have been three separate incidents in which a customer has walked into travel agencies in the northeastern region of the United States and purchased tickets using counterfeit credit cards. In each incident, the customer requested tickets for travel between Boston or New York and Santo Domingo. In some cases, the agency obtained an imprint of the card or made a copy of the card along with a driver's license.

Be on the lookout for credit cards or a driver's license that includes misspellings on the front or back of the credit card or identification. The best way to protect against this type of fraud is to look carefully at the documentation for red flags. If you are uncomfortable with the transaction, don't accept it. If you want to move forward with the transaction, be sure to obtain an approval code through the GDS and an imprint of the card on a UCCF with a signature.

For additional information about managing risk review "Section 6: Credit Card Acceptance Procedures, Credit Card Chargeback Policy and Risk Management Best Practices" in the ARC Industry Agents' Handbook or on the ARC fraud prevention web page:

If you suspect such a scheme and want assistance to assess the risk, contact ARC's fraud prevention team at 855-358-0393 or via email at

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